Single Wheel Tandem Axle Gooseneck Trailer

Model: FMAX208

GVWR: 18,000 lb

When power to weight is key the FMAX208 delivers in a lights out fashion.

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At a Glance

GVWR: 18,000 lb
LENGTHS: 20′- 40′
FRAME: 14″ – 16″ Low Profile Engineered Beam
NECK: 12″ Curved Engineered Gooseneck
AXLES: 2 – 8,000 lb Lippert Axles
TIRES: 215/75R17.5 Radial

FMAX Engineered Beam Technology & Logo


New, Lighter Neck

The Fleetneck 2.0 neck web is stronger and lighter with the new 10-gauge Grade 80 material resulting in a 65-pound weight reduction.

New Spare Mount Location

The new spare tire mount location with the easy-to-handle winch that raises and lowers the spare is now located under the trailer deck, guaranteeing it is out of your way until you need it.

Grade 100 Beams

Grade 100 main frame beams with a 10-gauge thickness have doubled the yield strength of the Fleetneck 1.0.

Chain Tray/Winch Mount

Storing your chains is easy with the standard chain tray with a winch mount combination and has the option to add a bolt-on winch box.

Engineered Beam Technology

We design, engineer, and build our own I-Beams. Our U.S. Patent Protected Engineered Beam design allows for the tallest and strongest beams in the industry, with the best strength-to-weight ratios on the road.

Taller beam. Lighter Weight. Stronger Frame.


FMAX Overview Diagram
  1. The Neck – Curves distribute force throughout the neck so there is no concentration of stress in corners like traditional goosenecks.
  2. The Deck – It’s low profile for easy access. Tire-covers are HD 3/16” diamond plate. Boards are capped at each end of the deck for added durability.
  3. The Camber – The deck and frame have a slight camber when not loaded. When loaded, it flexes as necessary to level but never sags like traditional goosenecks.
  4. The Lace-rail – Channel-Iron for durability and versatility with no notches or cut-outs for maximum strength. Includes stake-pockets and pipe-spools.
  5. The Box – It’s big and roomy. The lid is curved for added rigidity and gas spring assisted for easy operation.
  6. The Steps – The retractable front deck steps solve the common issue of traditional front deck steps being bent in low clearance situations. The mid-deck side turn signal step makes for easy access when equipment is loaded.
  7. The I-Beams – We engineer the beams, optimize them, and build them for each trailer configuration just like semi trailer manufacturers have been for decades. Our I-beam frames are taller, stronger, and lighter than your neighbor’s. 14-18″ tall. Standard steel bends at 36 ksi. Our beams are built using steel rated at 50 ksi minimum.

Loading Your Way

Max Ramps

44″ wide ramps for MAX versatility. 50 ksi steel ramp frames x 4 frames per ramp for MAX strength. HD Spring loaded for easy lifting. For safe, stable loading. Read more HERE.

12' Hydraulic Dovetail

12′ long with easy to climb, 12.5 degree approach angle. Includes Blackwood rubber-infused runners for traction, automatic latch for easy operation, and wireless remote control. Read more HERE.

XDR Ramps

XDR Ramps

These 24″ x 60″ spring-assisted extreme duty knee ramps are perfect for loading concentrated machines such as backhoes and excavators where space between the ramps is a necessity for knuckle height clearance. Read more HERE.

FMAX Straight Deck

Straight Deck

The Straight Deck tail configuration includes 3″ channel 96″ Rear Slide-In Ramps that can be conveniently stowed away when not in use. Come with a single piece bumper with light protection.

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How Do I Order an FMAX208?

Great question! Keep scrolling to customize and build your FMAX208 gooseneck trailer to your liking with our interactive build-your-own trailer configurator, then you will be prompted to submit your trailer build to your nearest Diamond C dealer for quote and availability. We have an extensive dealer network of almost 200 dealers strategically placed throughout North America.

Popular Upgrades

17.5K Warrior Winch Box Package

Warrior Winch Package

Need to load downed or dead equipment? Add our loaded Warrior WINCH PACKAGE. Comes in 12K or 17.5K sizes.

LED Loading Lights 2000 Lumen

Bolt-On LED Loading Lights

At 2000 Lumen, these work lights will help brighten up your nighttime grind. Learn more about our LED Lights HERE.

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Diamond C has been an industry leader for over 35 years since our humble beginnings over 3 decades ago. We strive to be on the forefront of trailer manufacturing by continuously demonstrating excellent quality and value, cutting edge innovation, and superior customer service.

Design Your Own FMAX208

More Than Just A Trailer

Crabb Family

Family Owned and Operated

35 years ago a young East Texas couple embarked on a journey that at the time was merely a means to put food on the table for their growing family. Unbeknownst to them, their nature would have an endless impact on the business they would create…


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Our Purpose is to fuel the growth and success of Diamond C team members, our customers, and our community.
Our Niche is extraordinary trailers and service to match.
Our Core Values are Do Work and Love Strong.


DM Powder Coating System

Our custom Difference Maker DM COATING SYSTEM produces extraordinary trailer finishes that are exceptionally durable and beautiful. We offer multiple standard and custom COLORS to perfectly compliment your trailer.

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Choose from a variety of upgrades:

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The choice is yours.
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Diamond C FMAX208 Fleetneck Engineered Beam Gooseneck Trailer
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Finance a brand new FMAX208 with ease through one of our trusted financial partners. Find out more HERE.

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We are proud of our trailers and stand by them. Every Diamond C trailer comes with an industry leading 3 Year WARRANTY.

3 Easy Steps to Build Your Own Trailer

  • Step 1

    Configure your ideal trailer below by selecting your desired specifications.

  • Step 2

    Submit your custom trailer build to your closest Diamond C dealers.

  • Step 3

    Your selected dealer(s) will contact you with final pricing and availability.

Base MSRP: $19,820

*Trailers are shown with base MSRP pricing (Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price). MSRP is NOT final sales price - your final sales price varies depending on region and dealer. Be sure to submit your trailer to your local Diamond C dealer for final trailer pricing.

Loading Style

Max Ramps

44" wide ramps for MAX versatility. 50 ksi steel ramp frames x 4 frames per ramp for MAX strength. HD Spring loaded for easy lifting from deck and from ground. For safe, stable loading.

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Price: $0.00

XDR Ramps

24" Wide x 60" Extreme Duty Knee Ramps. These spring-assisted ramps are perfect for loading concentrated machines such as backhoes and excavators where space between the ramps is a necessity for knuckle height clearance.

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Price: $0.00

12' Hydraulic Dovetail

12' long with easy to climb, 12.5 degree approach angle. Blackwood rubber-infused runners for traction. Automatic latch for easy operation. Includes wireless remote control.

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Price: $0.00

Straight Deck

Includes 96" Rear Slide-In Ramps (3" Channel). Single piece bumper with light protection.

Price: $0.00





Includes 2 - 8,000 lb Lippert Axles

Price: $0.00




Price: $0.00




Price: $0.00

Wood Filled Dove/Ramp

Ideal for loading equipment with steel tracks.

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Price: $585.00


Price: $0.00

12' Fully Automatic Hydraulic Dovetail

12.5 degree load angle with Blackwood infused lumber and automatic latch.

Price: $0.00

Full Steel Runner with Cleats

Price: $425.00


Price: $330.00



2 - 8,000 lb Oil-Bath Logo

Price: $0.00



Electric Drum

(Forward Self-Adjusting)

Price: $0.00

Electric-Over-Hydraulic Disc Brakes

Price: $3,475.00



6-Leaf Slipper Springs

Price: $0.00

Torsion Axles

Rubber Torsion Suspension Axles: Improves suspension characteristics of leaf spring axles.

Price: $1,005.00


Pull Type


Curves distribute force throughout the neck so there is no concentration of stress in corners like traditional goosenecks.

Price: $0.00


This option raises the coupler and horizontal neck height +6". Ideal for lifted vehicles (ex. Dodge 3500 with 4"-6" lift) or Semi-Tractor applications.

Price: $215.00





2 - 12,000 lb Drop-Leg Jacks

Two heavy duty, square, drop-leg trailer jacks with a side-wind handles. Constructed of engineered alloys for enhanced strength, stability and side-load capability.

Price: $0.00

2 - 25,000 lb Two Speed Drop-Leg Jacks

Price: $1,295.00

2 - 20,000 lb Hydraulic JacksX
2 - 12,000 lb Hydraulic Jacks w/ Hydraulic DovetailX

Tire Size

215/75R17.5 16 Ply Radial

Price: $0.00


Wheel Color


Price: $0.00


Spare Mount

Price: $0.00


Spare Tire

Price: $530.00