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Know Your Battery

Group 27 & Trojan SCS200 Battery

Trailer Battery Options & Upgrades

Diamond C trailers with power units all come standard with a Continental Group 27 Series Battery, while the industry standard is a Group 24 Series. Group 27 Series has a deeper reserve capacity, which means more cycles for you!

Battery Group 27 vs 24 Chart

If that’s not enough difference for you, check our Crown 27HDC Battery Upgrade. This 12-volt battery boasts significant improvements in capacity, offering 130 Ah at 100 hours and 95 Ah at 5 hours, making it ideal for high-demand applications. The 27HDC battery is built to perform under extreme conditions, with an operational range from -40°F to 120°F, ensuring reliability regardless of the weather.

Need a convenient charging option? Check out our SOLAR CHARGING SYSTEM.

How to Hook Up Your Battery Video