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Know Your Battery

Group 27 & Trojan SCS200 Battery

Trailer Battery Options & Upgrades

Diamond C trailers with power units all come standard with a Continental Group 27 Series Battery, while the industry standard is a Group 24 Series. Group 27 Series has a deeper reserve capacity, which means more cycles for you!

Battery Group 27 vs 24 Chart

If that’s not enough difference for you, check our the Trojan SCS200 Battery Upgrade. This option gives you another 25% increase in Reserve Capacity Minutes over our standard battery.

Trojan SCS200 Battery Chart

These durable battery offerings allow you to work longer with less downtime.

Trojan SCS 200 Battery Upgrade
DET 110V 5amp Charger & Battery
Group 27 Series Battery w/110V 5amp Charger

Need a convenient charging option? Check out our SOLAR CHARGING SYSTEM.

How to Hook Up Your Battery Video