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Axles & Suspension

The Advantages of Slipper Roller Trailer Suspension

Lippert Slipper Roller Trailer Suspension.

Discover a Superior Towing Solution. The LIPPERT Slipper Roller trailer suspension system is a more advanced alternative to traditional double-eye suspension systems. This system utilizes slipper spring suspension technology to ensure both axles remain parallel even when navigating through rough terrain or dealing with uneven weight distribution. In this article, we will talk about each of the advantages of the Lippert Slipper Roller trailer suspension.

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One of the standout features of the Lippert Slipper Roller Suspension is its rubber-bushed spring eyes and equalizers. These features protect the unit from vibrations, which eliminates the need for regular upkeep and replacement of worn-out parts. Another notable feature of this suspension system is its self-adjusting brakes that significantly improve the trailer’s stopping ability. As a result, you can expect reduced maintenance over time.

Featuring the rubber bushed spring eyes, equalizer, and bump stops on the Lippert Slipper Roller Trailer Suspension.

Enhanced Durability and Safety

The 2-inch wide slipper spring is designed to reduce stress on the system by 15 to 20%, which leads to improved durability and safety. Additionally, the equalizer has bump stops that prevent over-rotation and protect the frame from high-impact loads. This ensures a longer lifespan for your equipment.

Showcasing the 2" wide slipper spring on the Lippert Slipper Roller Trailer Suspension.

Fuel Efficiency and Reduced Noise

The Lippert Slipper Roller Suspension offers more than just durability. It also enhances fuel efficiency while reducing operating noise, providing a quieter, more fuel-efficient towing experience.

Corrosion Resistance and Superior Upgrades

The Lippert Slipper Roller Suspension doesn’t just prioritize functionality; it also considers longevity and aesthetics. The black powder-coated springs, axle tube, and tie-plates, along with dichromate hardware, offer superior corrosion resistance, protecting your investment from the elements.

To top it off, the system comes equipped with VALCRUM universal aluminum hub caps, providing an unparalleled upgrade over their plastic counterparts. Constructed from aluminum alloy, these hub caps offer superior heat dissipation and thermal management. Each cap is thoughtfully designed with a fill/drain grease port, a magnetic vent plug, and machined threads, ensuring longevity and optimal performance.

The VALCRUM hub cap on the Lippert Slipper Roller Trailer Suspension.