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Oak Flooring

FMAX Oak Floor

When you know the job is grueling and the floor of your trailer is going to take a beating, the Oak floor option is for you. Since Oak is a hardwood, it is a much denser wood than industry standard Pine, therefore it is not as susceptible to being gouged, scraped, or broken down like its softer pine counterpart.

Oak is ideal for use with tracked equipment such as dozers, skid steers, excavators, etc. Additionally, Oak is a great choice for users that engage in a high amount of side loading various palletized material.


Oak flooring is most popularly found on our heavier duty flatbed trailers:

– Gooseneck: FMAX212, FMAX216
– Pintle Hitch: PX212, PX310, PX312, PX216
– Step Deck: SDX212, SDX216


Oak Floor on an FMAX Hydraulic Dovetail

📸Credit: Dealer Partner THE TRAILER STORE featuring Oak flooring on our 12′ HYDRAULIC DOVETAIL FMAX Gooseneck Trailer series.