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Max Ramps

Max Ramps

From the materials used to the design of the springs and hinges, our Max Ramps are unlike any other two wide ramp system on the market. The two part hinge system (one inside the body and one outside the body) distributes weight while loading and helps to prevent the ramps from kicking up or the dovetail from sagging.


  1. 44″ wide ramps for MAX versatility (37″ wide on model LPX)
  2. Self cleaning dovetail
  3. 50 ksi steel ramp frames x 4 frames per ramp for MAX strength
  4. HD Spring loaded for easy lifting from deck and from ground
  5. Aggressive angled cleats for traction in the slickest conditions

When in the stowed position, Max Ramps provide a flat, unobstructed loading surface, which allows you to the use full length of the trailed bed to haul longer material. Max Ramps can also be stowed in the upright position during transport if you have equipment with a pull behind mower for example that needs to be transported on the dovetail.

Max Ramps provide a safe and stable full-width loading experience.

Max Ramps Videos

FMAX207 Gooseneck Trailer with Max Ramps

LPX Equipment Trailer with Max Ramps
Max Ramps Latch

Max Ramps Diagram


We offer Max Ramps on the following models:

  1. All Gooseneck FMAX Fleetneck Series Trailers
  2. All Pintle Hitch PX Series Trailers
  3. All Step Deck SDX Series Trailers
  4. Equipment Trailer Models LPX and DEC

Model LPX Max Ramps
FMAX216 Flashing Caution LED Light on Rear
Diamond C DEC Equipment Trailer
LPX Max Ramps
FMAX207 Black Wheels
FMAX 208 Silver Wheels
Diamond C LPX Equipment Trailer
Diamond C FMAX310 Fleetneck Engineered Beam Gooseneck Trailer

Wood Filled Dove/Ramp

Our wood filled Max Ramps are a great option for those hauling steel tracked equipment. Add this feature to any FMAX, PX, or SDX series trailer with Max Ramps to replace the standard metal cleats.