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XDR Extreme Duty Knee Ramps

XDR Ramps

The XDR Extreme Duty Knee Ramps were specifically designed to haul heavy concentrated equipment and machinery such as backhoes and excavators. The space in the middle is a necessity for knuckle height clearance, and is left open and void to be able to set a bucket or forks down for transport mode.

These ramps include the intelligently designed over-center latch hold down system featured on our MAX RAMPS, as well as the same two-point hinge technology and spring combination that makes loading and unloading a breeze.

These beefy ramps measure 24″ x 60″, and use the same strong Grade 50 material that is found in our ENGINEERED BEAM FRAMES.

XDR Ramps
XDR Ramps


  1. 24″ x 60″ extreme duty ramps
  2. Heavy duty support knee for additional durability
  3. 50 ksi steel ramp frames with two-point hinge system
  4. HD Spring loaded for easy lifting from deck and from ground
  5. Aggressive angled cleats for traction in the slickest conditions
  6. Open pit for extra clearance
  7. Includes an innovative over-center latch hold down system to hold the ramps securely in place during transport to eliminate vibrating and noise

Available on models:

These heavy duty ramps are available on most of our deck over trailers that utilize our patent protected ENGINEERED BEAM TECHNOLOGY, including:

  • All FMAX Fleetneck series gooseneck trailers
  • All PX series pintle hitch trailers
  • All SDX series step deck trailers
XDR Ramps
XDR Ramps

XDR Ramps Hold Down Latch

Max Ramps Latch

Have an older model and want the ramp hold-down latch? No problem – purchase the latch kit below and retrofit your existing ramps with our intelligently designed over-center latch hold down system.


*Note: Fabrication and paint touch-up required for installation

Other Ramp/Dove Loading Styles

Having trouble deciding which loading style to select?

Watch below as Jacob Crabb walks through the 3 other primary loading options for our flagship FMAX gooseneck trailers, including MAX RAMPS, HYDRAULIC DOVETAIL, and Straight Deck: