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12′ Hydraulic Dovetail

FMAX210 12' Hydraulic Dovetail


Our 12′ Hydraulic Dovetail boasts features that aid in efficiency and easy operation. This revolutionary trailer dovetail is 3′ longer than the industry average of 9′, which results in an easier-to-climb approach angle, aided by Blackwood Lumber runners.

Hydraulic Dovetail Diagram

Hydraulic Dovetail Features

  1. 12′ long with easy to climb, 12.5-degree angle approach for easy loading and off-loading
  2. Standard BLACKWOOD rubber-infused outer runners for traction
  3. Automatic latch for easy, effortless operation
  4. Rated to lift AND carry 10,000 lbs distributed across the length of the dovetail with regard to your specific trailer GVWR and common load distribution practices
  5. Includes Wireless Remote

Our revolutionary 12′ Hydraulic Dovetail is available as a standard tail choice on all GOOSENECK, PINTLE, and STEP DECK trailers.

Hydraulic Dovetail Video

Watch below as Jacob talks all about this hydraulic dovetail – from the history to the function to the options available.

Hydraulic Dovetail Trailer Pictures

FMAX210 Blackwood Lumber Outer
Diamond C FMAX210 Fleetneck Engineered Beam Gooseneck Trailer


Need maximum traction? We also include an upgrade option to add full steel runners with cleats to the dovetail. This option adds 3/16″ diamond plate steel with 5/8″ square stock cleats along the length of the dove for maximum traction in the slickest of situations.

Full Steel Runner with Cleats Hydraulic Dovetail

Add full BLACKWOOD LUMBER throughout the entire dovetail, including the center.

SDX216 Blackwood Lumber Full

Our Hydraulic Dovetail also pairs great with the 20K HYDRAULIC JACKS.

More Videos

Watch the videos below for more information the operation and usability.

Other Ramp/Dove Loading Styles

Having trouble deciding which loading style to select?

Watch below as Jacob Crabb walks through the 3 other primary loading options for our flagship FMAX gooseneck trailers, including MAX RAMPS, XDR RAMPS, and Straight Deck:


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