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Jacks & Couplers

Hydraulic Jacks

Stillwell Hydraulic Jacks

For easy and convenient hook up and unhitch, Diamond C offers single and dual STILLWELL hydraulic jack systems throughout our legendary lineup of trailers. Hydraulic jacks are a must have for anyone who hooks and unhooks their trailer often!

Hydraulic jacks are Fast, convenient, and strong.


  1. No more winding your jack manually hook/unhook your trailer, simply raise or lower the jacks with just a push of a button
  2. Get 12,000 lbs of lift (or 24,000 lb with the dual hydraulic jack option) to make hooking up your trailer much easier
  3. Significant time savings – Raise and lower your trailer in seconds, vs the 1-2 minutes it takes to do it manually
  4. Powered by a KTI HYDRAULICS unit
  5. The Group 27 Series BATTERY provides both power up and power down
  6. Our flow divider valve divides hydraulic power evenly to both jacks (for dual jack models)
  7. Includes easy to use 2 button remote
  8. The optional SOLAR PULSE charger provides a hassle-free way to ensure your hydraulic pump battery is fully charged
PX210 with hydraulic jacks
SDX216 Hydraulic Jacks

Available On:

  • Equipment trailers: DET
  • Dump trailers: LPD, LPT, DOD, and WDT
  • All gooseneck FMAX series trailers
  • All pintle hitch PX series trailers
  • All step deck SDX series trailers

Hydraulic Jacks Video

Hydraulic Jacks also pair great with our DEMCO EZ Latch Couplers: