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Hydraulic Pump Options

DET 110V 5amp Charger & Battery

Diamond C offers an array of hydraulic pump combinations and configurations depending on the model and options you select. Diamond C uses only KTI brand hydraulic pumps.

High-Flow KTI Pump

The MDT, GST, GDT, LPT, and LPT-GN models have a new standard power system. Experience a 25% faster up and down dump cycle time with the new High-Flow KTI Pump.

Power Up / Power Down

The standard hydraulic pump used on all Diamond C dump, power tilt, and HYDRAULIC DOVETAIL units is a power up/power down electric over hydraulic pump. This pump is a circulatory pump constantly cycling fluid through the system and the cylinder attached only retains a smaller amount of fluid in the reservoir at any given time. It is controlled by a corded two-button remote.

Corded 2 Button Remote

Check out the optional wireless remote option available (comes standard with 12′ HYDRAULIC DOVETAIL)

Wireless Remote

Wireless Remote Video

3-Way Power Unit

In recent years the 3-way power unit option has made a big splash into the DUMP TRAILER market. This power unit is much like the standard power up/power down pump previously mentioned, but with one added feature – the third function is a gravity down valve in the pump allowing the user to lower the bed of their dump trailer without engaging the pump motor, therefore using less energy and preserving battery life which can be crucial during a long days work.

3 Button Wired Remote

3-Way Power Unit Video

4 Function Power Unit

Additionally, a 4 function power unit is standard when certain options are selected in conjunction, such as a dump trailer with HYDRAULIC JACKS. The user needs the ability to power two separate systems with one pump. This can be done in power up, power down/power up, power down OR power up, power down/power up, gravity down scenarios.

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