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Color Guide

Diamond C utilizes a custom Powder Coat paint process called the DM COATING SYSTEM. It allows us to offer trailer finishes that are exceptionally durable and beautiful.

We offer 8 standard colors across all models, as well as 5 special colors. Custom colors can be applied to your trailer upon request.

Trailer Paint Swatches

For a close-up view of every color we offer, watch the video below as Jacob tours our plant and highlights all our trailer colors. (And learn some tips on color selection as well!)

Keep scrolling to see pictures of a selection of our finishes on some of our more popular trailer models:

FMAX216 Blue

Model FMAX216 Gooseneck Trailer – Metallic Blue

Diamond C LPD Low Profile Heavy Duty Dump Trailer

Model LPD Dump Trailer – Red

Diamond C GTF Car Hauler Trailer

Model GTF Car Hauler – Black

Diamond C DOD Deck-Over Dump Trailer

Model DOD Dump Trailer – Metallic Mocha

Diamond C FMAX212SS Fleetneck Engineered Beam Gooseneck Trailer

Model FMAX210SS Super Single Gooseneck Trailer – White

Diamond C DET Deck-Over Tilt Equipment Trailer

Model DET Deck Over Equipment Trailer – Metallic Silver

LPD 12" Engineered Gooseneck Package

Model LPD Dump Trailer with optional GOOSENECK PACKAGE – Metallic Gray

Diamond C FMAX210 Fleetneck Engineered Beam Gooseneck Trailer

Model FMAX210 Gooseneck Trailer – Cement Gray

Special Color Yellow

Model LPX Equipment Trailer – Special Color Commercial Yellow

Special Color Tractor Green

Model PSA Utility Trailer – Special Color Tractor Green

WDT 6" Channel Dump Body Frame

Model WDT Dump Trailer – Special Color Industrial Orange

Custom Paint Color Lime Green

Model FMAX207 Gooseneck Trailer – Special Color Lime Green

Diamond C LPD Low Profile Heavy Duty Dump Trailer

Model LPD Dump Trailer – Special Color Desert Tan


We’ve spared no effort or expense to ensure that each Diamond C trailer comes with an extraordinary finish. Be sure to check out our resource on our custom DM COATING SYSTEM to see the entire 6 step process in action and learn why we use the powder coating system that we do.