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Tires & Wheels

Wheel Colors

Who doesn’t love a sleek black wheel or a flashy two tone aluminum equipped look? Keep scrolling to view available options for customizing your Diamond C trailer’s wheels.

Silver Wheels

Standard on all Diamond C models.

GSA Silver Wheel

Model GSA Utility Trailer

FMAX210SS Silver Wheels

Model FMAX210SS Gooseneck Trailer with SUPER SINGLE tires

215/75R17.5 Tire/Wheel Upgrade

Model HDT Equipment Trailer with HD 215/75R17.5 Tire/Wheel UPGRADE PACKAGE

Black Wheels

Immediately ups the “cool” factor 😎 on your trailer. Check it out:

UVT Black Wheels

Model UVT Utility Trailer

215/75R17.5 HD Tires Black

Model HDT Equipment Trailer with HD 215/75R17.5 Tire/Wheel UPGRADE PACKAGE

FMAX210 Black Dually Wheels

Model FMAX210 Gooseneck Trailer with 12′ HYDRAULIC DOVETAIL

Model HDT Black Spare

Model HDT Equipment Trailer with Black Spare Tire

Two Tone Aluminum Wheels

For those who want to stand out. Sharp and classy. Great upgrade option on CAR HAULERS for your show cars.

CHS Two Tone Aluminum Wheels

Model GSF Car Hauler

Two Tone Aluminum Wheel

Model LPD Dump Trailer

Aluminum Outer Wheels

An available option on any dually wheel 16K axle model (FMAX216 Gooseneck, PX216 Pintle Hitch, SDX216 Step Deck, and WDT Dump with 40K Package).

FMAX216 Air Ride Suspension


Model FMAX216 with aluminum wheels and Valcrum caps

Model FMAX216 with VALCRUM hubcaps

Aluminum Outer Wheels Video

White Wheels

Standard color for 215/75R17.5 Dually Wheels on 10/12K axle models.

WDT White Wheels

Model WDT Dump Trailer

215/75R17.5 HD Tires Dually White

Model FMAX212 Gooseneck Trailer