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Axles & Suspension

Air Ride Suspension

Ridewell Air Ride Suspension

For a smoother, quieter ride, extended trailer life, & higher rates per mile, choose Ridewell Air Ride Trailer Suspension.

Found on all GOOSENECK, PINTLE, and STEP DECK trailers as an available add-on.

Air Ride Suspension utilizes airbags on each tire made from a durable polyurethane and rubber material. Dual compressors pump air into each flexible bag, enabling them to absorb bumps and vibrations much more efficiently than on a traditional spring suspension system. While spring suspensions tend to compress and release the energy from bumps into your trailer frame and cargo, Air Ride suspension absorbs the energy under the frame before it even reaches your trailer body.

Benefits of Air Ride Suspension:

  1. Ride Quality & Cargo Protection: Smoother, quieter ride & reduced push-pull lessens fatigue of the driver & protects cargo being hauled.
  2. Reduces Wear & Tear: Less trailer bouncing extends the life of your trailer.
  3. Warranty: Ridewell offers warranty against any manufacturing defects, giving your customers confidence on the road.
  4. Front Lift Axle: This unique included feature saves tire wear & fuel consumption on empty hauls.
  5. More per mile: Air Ride allows your customer to net higher rates per mile hauling loads not allowed with standard suspension.

The Air Ride Package includes dual compressors, one 10V 5amp charger, and dual Group 27 continental BATTERIES.

Ridewell Air Ride Suspension

The ultra smooth ride of Ridewell Air Ride System pairs great with our industry exclusive 12′ HYDRAULIC DOVETAIL.

Still got questions? Watch below as Jacob gives some best practice tips for safely using and operating your Air Ride Suspension.

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