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Axles & Suspension

Valcrum Hubcaps

Valcrum Hubcaps

Next Generation Trailer Hubcabs

We are excited to partner with VALCRUM to bring their aluminum alloy oil hubcaps to all our 8K-16K LIPPERT axles as standard. Valcrum’s product line was designed to supply a stronger, durable threaded hubcab for heavier duty trailer axles to replace the standard factory plastic cap. Valcrum’s new patent-pending Lock Collars and Magnetic Vent Plugs bring new technology to an outdated plastic cap market.


  1. Aluminum alloy body designed for grease and/or oil bath applications
  2. Oil level indicating window
  3. Magnetic vent plug that accumulates metallic particles
  4. Easy access drain/fill port

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Valcrum Hubcap
Valcrum Chart

Valcrum Demonstration Video

(Source: Valcrum YouTube Channel)

Want to Upgrade?

Have a Diamond C trailer with the standard plastic caps and want to upgrade to Valcrum’s premium aluminum alloy oil hubcaps? Click below to order replacement Valcrum caps on our Gear Store online for an easy upgrade to your trailer



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