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GVWR Package Upgrades

Diamond C FMAX216 Fleetneck Engineered Beam Gooseneck Trailer

Need a refresher on what exactly “GVWR” stands for and how it differs from trailer Payload? Read THIS article first.

Most of our trailers are upgradable with higher GVWR (Gross Vehicle Weight Rating) Packages. It’s the way we describe updating a standard configuration trailer to a heavier duty capacity model by upgrading the axles. These upgrade packages usually include other upgrades bundled – for example, stronger frames, updated couplers rated for higher towing capacity, and heavier duty tires. These upgrade bundles vary based on the trailer.

Here’s an example of our LPX equipment trailer’s GVWR package upgrade options:

GVWR Upgrades

This trailer comes standard with our 207 Package (rated at 14.9K GVWR), which includes 2 – 7,000 lb LIPPERT AXLES. To see what the upgrade packages include when configuring your trailer, simply hover your mouse over each option to learn more. The popular 210 Package boosts your GVWR up to 20K and includes numerous upgrades to your trailer, including 2 – 10K Oil-Bath Axles and upgraded 215 TIRES.

GVWR - 210 Package
LPX 8" I-Beam Frame/Tongue


Our GVWR Upgrade Packages are labeled by their axle configurations, so a 206 package means the trailer is equipped with two 6,000 lb axles, a 307 package would indicate three 7,000 lb axles, and so on. Remember, a 14K GVWR Package does NOT mean you can haul 14,000 lbs of cargo, you still need to take your trailer’s curb weight into consideration when calculating your true payload capacity. For a full breakdown on understanding this, check out our article on GVWR VS PAYLOAD.

For any questions about purchasing a Diamond C trailer with an upgraded GVWR Package please contact your nearest Diamond C DEALER, or BUILD ONE YOURSELF on our site to submit to your local dealer for quote.

LPD 7 ga Dump Body Upgrade

GVWR and Weight Distribution Videos

Listen in as Jacob Crabb explains GVWR further in these short videos, along with some practical tips for choosing the best rated trailer for your required haul.

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Build Your Trailer

Click below to view the GVWR and price of every Diamond C trailer model and customize your own model.



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