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Sway Control

FMAX212 Sway Control

Diamond C’s co-founder Mike Crabb was the first to develop Sway Control in the late 80’s due to uneven load distribution on gooseneck trailers when hauling hay out of fields. After being frustrated with a few tweaked frames, he began to infuse the use of 5″ round pipe down the center of the frame to make it more durable and withstand even the toughest of loads.

Fast forward 30 years, and we still use Mike’s original Sway Control design concept today to ensure our longer trailers are as stable as possible and don’t suffer from frame warping, flexing, or swaying while hauling extreme loads.

Sway Control is included standard on any GOOSENECK, PINTLE HITCH, or STEP DECK trailer over 30 feet, and an available option on models shorter than 30 feet.


Diamond C PX210 Pintle Hitch Engineered Beam Trailer