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Axles & Suspension

Trailer Brakes

Do you know trailer brakes? Diamond C offers 3 types: Electric Drum, Electric Over Hydraulic Drum, and Electric Over Hydraulic Disc brakes.
Below are some helpful tips for choosing the right brakes for your trailer.

Electric Drum Brakes

Electric drum brakes are the utility and flatbed trailer industry standard for trailer braking systems. Electric drum brakes are controlled by an in-cab controller that comes standard on many of today’s trucks and SUVs. Electric drum brakes are well suited for most general use applications – trailers that are used moderately within their capacity and towed with some regularity. If you plan to use your trailer aggressively in relation to its PAYLOAD CAPACITY and plan to tow it on a more regular basis, then keep scrolling to see our electric over hydraulic brake options below.

Electric Over Hydraulic Drum Brakes

Electric over hydraulic drum brakes are similar in that they are controlled by the same in-cab controller as standard electric drum brakes. They also share the same actual drum braking components. Where they differ is that instead of electromagnetic force being utilized to help slow the trailer, the electric pulse from the to tow vehicle activates a small hydraulic pump that sends fluid into the drum to forcefully apply braking pressure. 

Electric Over Hydraulic Disc Brakes

Electric over hydraulic disc brakes are similar to both previous brake types in that they are operated by an in-cab controller. However, disc brakes are what avid heavy duty trailers users would describe as “the ultimate” when it comes to trailer braking systems. They use the same hydraulic force we mentioned in electric over hydraulic drum Brakes for better braking pressure, but where they differ is the use of disc (rotor) / caliper braking components in lieu of the drums. Disc brakes provide increased stopping power over drums. In addition, disc brakes are more cost effective when it comes to upkeep and preventative maintenance over time. With disc brakes you are able to replace individual brake pads, versus replacing the more costly full drum braking assembly.

If you are a gooseneck HOT SHOT trailer user who puts in a lot of miles over the years, we highly recommend hydraulic disc brakes.

Benefits of Hydraulic Disc Brakes:

  1. Last longer
  2. Stop faster
  3. Cheaper to maintain for high mileage trailers