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The Ultimate Dump Trailer Buyer’s Guide

Model LPT telescopic dump trailer

Diamond C vs…

If you’re reading this, chances are you’ve already done some of your own reading about which manufacturer claims to have the best dump trailer on the market. Chances are, you might have even done some research of your own comparing Big Tex, PJ, MaxxD, Load Trail, Lamar, and some of the other trailer brands out there to see how they stack up to Diamond C.

Maybe you’ve even watched a few of our YOUTUBE videos showcasing our trailers being used in the real world, or perhaps you’ve even spent some time on our SOCIAL MEDIA pages browsing through our posts about our trailers, team members, and what we do in our local community.

Maybe you still have questions about why you should consider a Diamond C instead of the alternatives available to you. Maybe you’ve already made up your mind and are leaning towards a different brand, or you’ve already spent some time pricing out a model on our TRAILER CONFIGURATOR but are still having reservations or are on the fence.

Whatever your situation may be, let’s take a few minutes to walk through every important standout feature available to you on our dump trailers, but perhaps more importantly, the WHY behind what makes us so confident in saying that a Diamond C dump gives you the best long-term investment and feature-set to take your needs far into the future as a dump trailer owner.

With that, let’s get started.


(Prefer to watch instead of read? No problem – check out this informative video tour below from our very own Jacob Crabb, and watch and follow along as he shows our dump trailer lot right here at the factory and reveals the details, behind the scenes, and highlights the most important features and must-have options for our entire dump lineup).

What dump trailer models are available?

We offer a comprehensive lineup of premium dump and gooseneck dump trailers, ranging from light duty single-axle residential models all the way to heavy duty, dual tandem-wheeled commercial and construction models. Our dump trailer models range from 6,000 lb GVWR all the way up to 30,000 lb GVWR. (If you need a refresher on what GVWR means and how it differs from Payload check out THIS POST).

Let’s start with our light duty dumps and work our way up to the heavier duty models.


Light – Medium Duty Models (Under 10K GVWR)

Model GST Single Axle Telescopic Dump Trailer

Single Axle Telescopic Dump

Model: GST
Base MSRP: $8,405
GVWR: 6,000 lb

Model GDT General Duty Telescopic Dump Trailer

General Duty Telescopic Dump

Model: GDT
Base MSRP: $9,415
GVWR: 7,000 lb

Model MDT Medium Duty Telescopic Dump Trailer

Medium Duty Telescopic Dump

Model: MDT
Base MSRP: $11,000
GVWR: 9,890 lb

Our trio of light-medium duty dumps are designed to perfectly complement most half-ton pickup trucks on the market. The GST is ideal for smaller projects around the house or farm, the GDT excels as a small landscaper’s trailer for hauling mulch, dirt, and debris, while the medium duty MDT is a great solution for light commercial use.

For more in-depth specs feel free to check out each model’s product page, but here are the highlights you need to know:

Standout Included Features

Model GST Single Axle Telescopic Dump Trailer

3-Stage Telescopic Cylinder Hoist

We’ll cover this in more detail further down the page – but here’s what’s most important: Telescopic Dump Cylinders provide greater lifting power and can handle unevenly distributed loads significantly better than traditional scissor lift hoists, which you’ll find on most comparable dump trailers on the market.

Model GST dump trailer with 3" I-Beam cross-members

Low profile 6″ I-Beam Frame

Most of our competitors use 5″ Channel or 6″ x 2″ Rectangle Tubing for their small dump frames. Our low profile sturdy 6″ I-Beam design makes for a significantly stronger and longer-lasting trailer frame.

Demco EZ-Latch 21K Adjustable Coupler

Demco EZ-Latch Adjustable Couplers

This unique COUPLER DESIGN automatically latches when placed over a hitch ball and is entirely maintenance-free as the coupler doesn’t require any greasing or adjustments. Demco cast couplers are made from sturdy steel and feature a durable primed finish.

Model GDT dump trailer with 12 ga body and sides

3″ Top Rail and Side Uprights

Most manufacturers use 2″ sides and uprights on their 5-10K dump trailers. Not us. Our trio of small dumps all use a beefy 3″ rail which allows your trailer to take more abuse and not become deformed over time from loading over the side of the trailer with a bucket, or from the added stress over years of hauling rocks and gravel inside the body.

Model GST dump trailer with tarp

Tarp Brackets and Full Tarp Included

Ever been heading down the road with a full load of debris and notice you are losing material out the top of your dump? We hear your frustration – all Diamond C dumps feature tarp brackets and a heavy-duty black mesh tarp standard at no additional cost.

3-Way Gate (With Hold Back System)

Say goodbye to the extra chains with the new Hold Back System featured on the 3-Way Gate that’s standard on the GST, GDT, and MDT models. The door features a simple 2 piece trigger and latch system (pictured). This system eliminates the clunkiness of the chains while also securing the door back and out of the way.

Model GST Single Axle Telescopic Dump Trailer

Board Brackets

This option utilizes a 2″x6″ pressure treated pine board which offers additional protection to the top rail of your trailer so that when you or your crew are loading material over the side and happen to bump it with a bucket, you aren’t directly contacting the paint or damaging the side of the trailer.

Rear Slide-In dump trailer ramps

Loading Ramps

Need to run double duty on the job site and haul something? No problem – add 60″ rear slide-in ramps to haul small machinery and equipment, then securely tuck them back into the dump frame when not in use.

EDG 24" Tall Dump Sides

Taller Sides

Our small dump trio all come standard with 12 ga, 18″ tall sides, but can easily be upgraded to 44″ with a more durable and thicker 10 ga body. This is a great option if you’re needing to haul lots of trash or debris regularly. (Note: Single axle model GST can be built with a maximum of 32″ sides)

Small Dump Series Videos

Model GST Action Video
Model GDT Action Video
Model MDT Action Video
Walkthrough of the entire small dump series


Heavy Duty Models (14-30K GVWR)

Heavy Duty Low Profile Telescopic Dump

Model: LPT
Base MSRP: $16,125
GVWR: 14,900 – 24,000 lb

Heavy Duty Low Profile Telescopic Gooseneck Dump

Model: LPT-GN
Base MSRP: $18,525
GVWR: 14,900 – 24,000 lb

Diamond C DOD Deck-Over Dump Trailer

Deck Over Dump

Model: DOD
Base MSRP: $16,345
GVWR: 14,900 – 24,000 lb

Model WDT Dump Trailer with Deck on the Neck

Dual Tandem Gooseneck Dump

Model: WDT
Base MSRP: $33,280
GVWR: 25,000 – 30,000 lb

Our four heavy duty dump trailer models are the muscle and power behind many contractors’ and construction managers’ fleets. These heavy duty commercial grade dumps are jam-packed with all our latest innovations, features, and intelligent designs to make your life easier while on the job.

  • Models LPT and LPT-GN are the telescopic cylinder brothers of the LPD design (discontinued). The Telescopic Hoist creates unparalleled lifting power and ease.
  • Model LPD is THE original heavy-duty low-profile dump trailer that Diamond C brought to the market in 2008 (there’s an interesting STORY behind that). Chances are if you’ve seen a Diamond C dump on the road in the past decade or so, it was an LPD.
  • If it’s versatility you’re after, model DOD has your back. With its extra wide deck over design, your choice of bumper pull or gooseneck, up to 24K GVWR, and handy fold-down sides, it’s the perfect choice if you’re needing to frequently side-load material in addition to your everyday heavy-duty hauling.
  • Model WDT – the big boy. This beast of a dual tandem gooseneck dump features massive 44″ sides, 96″ bed width, up to a 22 cubic yard capacity, and can be built with a telescopic hoist and a 13HP gas power engine for maximum dumping power. You won’t find any manual roll-back tarps here – we include an electric tarp standard. Simply push a button and your load is covered automatically.

Watch the video below to see the new standard features offered on our newly redesigned 2023 LPT and LPT-GN models:

For more in-depth specs feel free to check out each model’s product page, but here are the highlights you need to know:

Standout Features & Upgrades

LPT dump trailer with 3rd axle

GVWR Upgrade Packages

All these heavy-duty models offer GVWR upgrade packages, which allow you to customize your trailer with powerful upgraded axles for significantly more loading power. Models LPD, LPT, and DOD come standard with dual 7K axles rated at a 14,900 lb GVWR, but are upgradable with 8K, 10K, or even triple 7K axles to bring the GVWR up to 24,000 lb. Most of these upgrade packages include superior SUSPENSION SYSTEMS as well (like Torsion Axles).

Model WDT is a dual-tandem beast that clocks in at 25,000 lb GVWR, but can be built with dual 16K axles for the most extreme loads when you need a 30,000 lb rated dump trailer.

LPD Engineered Beam Frame

Engineered Beam Technology

New for our dump lineup in 2021 is adding our patent-protected ENGINEERED BEAM TECHNOLOGY, which we adapted from our GOOSENECK TRAILER line to custom fit our dumps. We build our engineered beams in-house, which allows us full customization and control over the trailer beams and frames. The result is a significantly stronger, taller, and lighter beam that gives you a much better strength-to-weight ratio than a traditional 8″ I-beam equipped dump trailer.

Add a Gooseneck Package

Our dump GOOSENECK PACKAGE upgrade utilizes the same technology found in our engineered beams. This 1-piece smooth engineered 12″ curved neck design distributes force throughout the neck so there is no concentration of stress in the corners. This option includes dual 12K jacks, a massive full-width diamond plate storage box, and a BX-1 coupler.

Include a SHOCKER HITCH COUPLER for that smooth air ride experience. This coupler includes an airbag to absorb extra energy, which saves on wear and tear on your trailer (and on your back – trust us. You’ll thank yourself later after a long day of hauling).

Model WDT dump trailer with gooseneck package and deck on the neck

Maximize your storage potential with a Deck on the Neck

Need extra storage while on the job? Our bolt-on/weld-on Deck on the Neck can be fitted to any of our heavy-duty dumps with a gooseneck package to give you an additional 56 sq ft of storage. The deck includes LED clearance lights and plenty of tie-down options.

LPD 7 ga Dump Body Upgrade

7 ga Body & Sides

The beefy 7 GA DUMP BODY PACKAGE extra strength body is a must-have for commercial and construction workers who require the extra toughness and durability that a thicker dump body can provide for their on-site jobs.

Diamond C LPD Low Profile Heavy Duty Dump Trailer

4″ Top Rail and Side Uprights

You won’t find any skimpy 2″ sides and uprights anywhere on our 14K and up dump trailers – we use a beefy 4″ top rail and side uprights for maximum toughness. The wider and deeper uprights provide far more support up the side of the trailer, which makes the whole dump body significantly stronger and lasts much longer.

Diamond C EDG General Duty Dump Trailer

Overlapped Central Seam

The dump body innovations don’t stop there – we also feature a central seam overlapped floor design on all our dump trailers. This makes for a much tougher joint where the floor plate meets, but keeps the seam out of the corners. We’ve found through testing that a 1 piece solid sheet of metal on the dump bed floor welded to the corners is a bad design, as it causes moisture and rust to form in the corners. Instead, we use 2 sheets – the dump side and floor is a single sheet of 10ga / 7ga metal and the seam is in the middle. We don’t butt the sheets in the middle as some do, we overlap it (at least 3″ on all dumps) so that the weld doesn’t ever break apart. It’s almost indestructible – this is a big deal for long-term durability. Small detail, BIG overall impact.

3-Way Gate (With Hold Back System)

Say goodbye to the extra chains with the new Hold Back System featured on the 3-Way Gate that’s standard on the LPT and LPT-GN models. The door features a simple 2 piece trigger and latch system (pictured). This system eliminates the clunkiness of the chains while also securing the door back and out of the way.

Long-Arm, Easy-Roll Tarp System

The application of the tarp just got a lot easier with our newly redesigned LONG-ARM, EASY-ROLL TARP SYSTEM that comes standard on the LPT and LPT-GN models. We wanted to create a better user experience for our customers and turn a two-person job into a one-person job. To let out the tarp, it’s as simple as cranking the handle on the side of the tarp system, and to retract the tarp, just do the opposite motion. The long arm was included to create a tall angle to ensure it covers the big loads that can get higher than the top of the trailer itself.

LPD Dump Trailer Robust Sides

Up to 44″ Side Heights

Heavy duty models LPD and LPT come standard with 24″ tall sides, but can be configured with 32″ or even 44″ tall sides to gain every last cubic foot. This is a great option if you regularly have to haul trash or lots of debris from the job site. (Just like on our light-duty dump models, we also offer a 2×6 board bracket option to protect the top of the trailer from loading bucket bumps).

Watch below as Jacob tours our trailer lot and highlights various dump side heights, and gives tips on which height and thickness to choose depending on your needs:

Electric Over Hydraulic Disc Brakes

Disc Brakes

All 4 of our heavy-duty dump models can be outfitted with electric-over-hydraulic DISC BRAKES. These disc brakes utilize hydraulic pressure to provide superior stopping power when compared to regular drum brakes. They are also more cost-effective when it comes to upkeep and preventative maintenance over time.

Model GDT dump trailer with rear slide-in ramps

Gates & Ramps

All our dumps feature a handy 3-way gate standard for multiple dumping options, and our heavy-duty models feature standard 72″, 78″, or 90″ Rear Slide-In Ramps (depending on the model). Make your dump trailer twice as versatile and valuable by being able to haul equipment while on the job. Whether it be a small tractor, a skid steer, or a mini-excavator, your dump trailer can handle it.

Model LPT dump trailer with 3/16" heavy duty diamond plate fenders

Heavy Duty Fenders

An often overlooked part of heavy-duty hauling is the trailer FENDERS – a durable fender is a must-have to protect your wheels and dump sides from accidental bumps. All our dumps come standard with durable 14 ga diamond plate fenders, and for those contractors and work crews whose environment requires equipment outfitted with the toughest features known to man – we offer the super heavy-duty 3/16″ diamond plate fenders. These also pair great with the 215/75R17.5 HEAVY DUTY TIRE UPGRADE.

HD V-Tongue Storage Lid/Box

The best-selling HD V-Tongue Storage Lid has been redesigned and now comes standard on our LPT bumper pull dump model. The 1/8″ thick Diamond Plate Lid features a massive lockable storage box that fits around the telescopic cylinders. The box stores the battery and pump while still having plenty of storage space for jacks, tools, straps, and more! As a bonus, the lid also doubles as extra deck space on top.

Model DOD Dump Trailer HD V-Tongue Storage Lid

A Diamond C original and a best seller since the day we launched it, this intelligently crafted storage option offers maximum storage space for jacks, tools, straps, etc. Constructed with a 3/16″ Diamond Plate, this lid also doubles as bonus deck space. The box safely houses the battery and hydraulics systems and still leaves ample room for storage. You’ll find this popular option on our LPD and DOD.

Heavy Duty Dump Series Videos

Model WDT Walk Around Video
Model LPT Action Video
Model LPT Gooseneck Walk-Around Video
Model LPT Overview Video
Model DOD Action Video
Model WDT Action Video

Telescopic Cylinders

Out of the 7 models of dump trailers that we offer, 5 of them come standard with TELESCOPIC CYLINDERS instead of the traditional scissor lift hoist that you might have seen on most of our competitors dumps. We firmly believe that telescopic dump cylinders are the future of dump trailer design, and we are at the forefront of pushing that technology to the market. It’s not a new approach to dumping heavy loads by any means – it’s been used for decades by heavier-duty semi-end dump trailers and heavy-duty dump trucks.

Our heavy-duty Telescopic Cylinder is a 3 stage cylinder that uses a KTI brand power-up, gravity-down system to help conserve energy. We also offer an optional Wireless Remote for additional convenience.

What are the benefits of telescopic cylinders?

  • Full 45-degree tilt angle
  • Provides greater lifting power than a traditional scissor lift hoist
  • More front-of-body dumping leverage
  • Handles imperfectly balanced loads more efficiently
  • Less stress on the overall frame of the trailer
  • Ease of system maintenance due to front mount location
  • Efficient tried and true technology

Superior Powder Coating System

At Diamond C we place huge importance on the coating that ships with your trailer. We’ve spared no effort or expense to ensure that each trailer comes with an extraordinary finish that is exceptionally durable and beautiful. We’ve partnered with Sherwin Williams to develop our very own custom DIFFERENCE MAKER POWDER COATING SYSTEM to produce extraordinary trailer finishes.

We use a 6 step process to ensure our custom trailer powder coating is the best coating option possible for your trailer. Watch below as Jacob takes you on a tour of the entire process from start to finish:

We offer 8 standard colors alongside 5 special colors that can be applied to any trailer. Want something custom or a unique color tailored specifically to you? No problem – check with your DEALER when you order.

Check out our COLOR GUIDE to see all of our unique finishes up close on our trailers.


Building Extraordinary Dump Trailers

As we have seen rapid growth in dump trailer ownership and interest over the last 10-15 years, we have continued to optimize, innovate, and set the bar high as we engineer and manufacture our dump trailers. We are proud to build the very best products that we possibly can that you can put straight to work – whether you’re purchasing a dump trailer for home use, for the farm, or for your construction business.

Building a great trailer goes far beyond just manufacturing for us – at Diamond C our CORE VALUES of #DoWork and #LoveStrong are evident and on display throughout every part of the plant.

Our PURPOSE is to fuel the growth and success of DC team members, our customers, and our community.
Our NICHE is EXTRAordinary trailers and service to match.

How do I Purchase a Dump Trailer?

All our trailer sales are handled by our authorized Diamond C dealer network consisting of almost 200 dealers spread all across North America. This ensures you have a local trailer specialist near you to assist you with your trailer purchase and any warranty issue that may come up during the life of your trailer. With that in mind, here are 3 ways you can purchase a Diamond C dump trailer:

1. CONFIGURE YOUR OWN TRAILER on our website and submit it to your nearest dealer(s) for final quote and availability.

2. Browse our FIND A DEALER map to locate your nearest authorized Diamond C dealer and inquire about their stock directly from them.

3. Browse the local inventory near you using our DIAMOND C MARKETPLACE.
(Please note – not every dealer lists their inventory on this marketplace)



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