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Jacks & Couplers

Demco Couplers

Diamond C offers adjustable DEMCO couplers as standard on all of our bumper-pull trailer models. Demco’s unique EZ latch design automatically latches when placed over a hitch ball, and are entirely maintenance-free as their couplers don’t require any greasing or adjustments. Demco cast couplers are made from sturdy steel and feature a durable primed finish.

We offer 3 Demco couplers (depending on the trailer and the selected GVWR package).

2″ – 10,000 lb Demco EZ-Latch Coupler

Offered on our smaller CAR HAULER and DUMP models rated under 7,000 lb GVWR.

2" - 10K Demco EZ-Latch Adjustable Coupler

2-5/16″ – 21,000 lb Demco EZ-Latch Adjustable Coupler

Offered primarily on our mid-range EQUIPMENT and DUMP models ranging from 9,890 lb to 14.9K GVWR.

Demco EZ-Latch 21K Adjustable Coupler

2-5/16″ – 21,000 lb Demco EZ-Latch Flat-Mount Coupler

A Flat-Mount option comes as standard on our our heavy duty upgraded 18K and 20K GVWR Package equipped Equipment and Dump trailers such as our popular models LPX, HDT, DEC, and LPD.

Demco Flat-Mount Coupler

Dump Trailer Features Video

Watch this video to see the Demco EZ-Latch in action!