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Gooseneck Package

LPD 12" Engineered Gooseneck Package


Need a gooseneck hitch instead of a traditional bumper pull? No problem! We offer a gooseneck package option for over a dozen of our most popular models.

Our gooseneck package is inspired from our ENGINEERED BEAM TECHNOLOGY, and is constructed using a 12″ Curved Engineered Neck for greater strength. The curved design distributes force throughout the neck so there is no concentration of stress in the corners.

Gooseneck Packages include a Bulldog BX1 Coupler, 2 – 12,000 lb Drop-Leg Jacks, Spare Mount, and Full-Width Diamond Plate Neck Box for massive STORAGE.

LPX 12" Engineered Gooseneck Package
Model LPX Equipment Trailer

Compatible Models

*Note: Models DEC, DET, and DOD use the traditional 12″ x 14 lb I-Beam neck on Gooseneck Packages instead of the curved 12″ engineered neck.

Gooseneck Package Video

Watch Jacob explain the benefits of a gooseneck package upgrade over a standard bumper-pull trailer below:


  1. Add a DECK ON THE NECK for even more transport capacity.
  2. Pairs well with HYDRAULIC JACKS for faster hooking and unhooking.
  3. Compliment your Gooseneck Package with a SHOCKER HITCH COUPLER to get that smooth, air ride experience.
Diamond C LPT Telescopic Cylinder Dump Trailer