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Gooseneck Package

Model LPT Heavy Duty Telescopic Dump Trailer (with gooseneck package)


Need a gooseneck hitch instead of a traditional bumper pull? No problem! We offer gooseneck package equipped models of most of our popular dump, equipment, tilt, and car hauler models.

Our gooseneck package is inspired from our ENGINEERED BEAM TECHNOLOGY, and is constructed using a 12″ Curved Engineered Neck for greater strength. The curved design distributes force throughout the neck so there is no concentration of stress in the corners.

Gooseneck Packages include a Bulldog BX1 Coupler, 2 – 12,000 lb Drop-Leg Jacks, Spare Mount, and Full-Width Diamond Plate Neck Box for massive STORAGE.

LPX 12" Engineered Gooseneck Package
Model LPX-GN Equipment Trailer

Gooseneck Package Equipped Models

*Note: Models DEC, DET, and DOD use the traditional 12″ x 14 lb I-Beam neck on Gooseneck Packages instead of the curved 12″ engineered neck.

Gooseneck Package Video

Watch Jacob explain the benefits of a gooseneck package upgrade over a standard bumper-pull trailer below:


  1. Add a DECK ON THE NECK for even more transport capacity.
  2. Pairs well with HYDRAULIC JACKS for faster hooking and unhooking.
  3. Compliment your Gooseneck Package with a SHOCKER HITCH COUPLER to get that smooth, air ride experience.
Model LPT-GN gooseneck dump trailer with shocker hitch coupler