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Body & Sides

7 ga Dump Body Upgrade

LPD 7 ga Dump Body Upgrade

Our 7 gauge super duty dump body package is an ideal option for those who need their trailer to perform regardless of the grueling work they do. The extra-strength body is a must-have for commercial and construction workers who require the extra toughness and durability that a thicker dump body can provide for their on-site jobs. Our dump trailers already feature UP TO 2X WIDER than industry standard top rails and side upright supports, and this 7 ga upgrade package pushes the limits even more for the maximum dump trailer strength and dependability that professionals require.

Offered as an available upgrade on models LPT and LPT-GN, this durable body upgrade can be combined with taller SIDE HEIGHTS for maximum customizability. This extra strength body upgrade is a must have for who require that extra toughness and durability that a thicker dump body can provide.

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Dump Body Thickness Comparison Video

7 ga Dump Body Upgrade Video

Dump Trailer Options Video

Watch as we highlight several standout dump trailer options, including the 7 ga body upgrade. For even more option highlights and help choose your next dump trailer, check out our in-depth DUMP TRAILER BUYER’S GUIDE.


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