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Body & Sides

Dump Trailer Side Heights

Taller Dump Sides Options

Need taller sides for your dump trailer for additional storage capacity? Look no further than a DIAMOND C DUMP. Our dumps include side height options ranging from 18″ all the way to 44″.


18″ Tall Dump Sides

Standard on models EDS, EDG and EDM.

EDS 18" Tall Dump Sides


24″ Tall Dump Sides

Standard on heavy duty models LPD and LPT. Add as an upgrade to standard models EDS, EDG, and EDM.

EDG 24" Tall Dump Sides


32″ Tall Dump Sides

Available upgrade option on models EDS, EDG, EDM, LPD, and LPT.

EDM 32" Tall Dump Sides


44″ Tall Dump Sides

For maximum cubic storage, add a whopping 44″ side height option to your EDG, EDM, LPD, or LPT.

46ED 44" Tall Sides