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Long-Arm, Easy-Roll Tarp System

Operating the tarp on your dump trailer just got a lot easier with the new Long-Arm, Easy-Roll Tarp System. If you have ever used a traditional pull tarp on a dump, you understand why it was important to us to create a better system for our customers. We spent months with SHUR-CO co-developing and perfecting our tarp system. This 20′ heavy-duty black mesh tarp system comes standard on our LPT and LPT-GN models.

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Long-Arm, Easy-Roll Tarp System Features

The Easy Roll Handle

The easy roll handle turns a two-person job into a one-person job when it comes to putting the tarp on your dump. The handle uses a spring-loaded extend and a chain-drive return to move the tarp into its place.

The Long Arms

The long arms ensure the tarp will cover even the largest of loads. They allow the tarp to come up to the top, then over to completely cover the load. This feature is extremely valuable when your trailer is overloaded.

How To Use Your Long-Arm, Easy-Roll Tarp System

Extending the tarp involves a simple cranking motion that allows the tarp to go up and over the load, and the opposite cranking motion returns the tarp into position. Watch the video below as Jacob Crabb explains and demonstrates how to use our Long-Arm, Easy-Roll Tarp System!


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