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Telescopic Cylinder

Diamond C LPT Telescopic Cylinder Dump Trailer

Found on our LPT dump trailer (and an available option on model WDT), the heavy duty Telescopic Cylinder is a 3 stage cylinder that uses a KTI brand power-up, gravity-down system to help conserve energy. It is much like what’s been used for decades on semi-end dump trailers and heavy duty dump trucks.

Our Telescopic Cylinder boasts many benefits over the more traditional scissor-lift and dual cylinder setups:


  1. More front of body dumping leverage
  2. Handles imperfectly balanced loads more efficiently
  3. Ease of system maintenance due to front mount location


*Ideal coupled with our TALLER SIDE upgrade and GOOSENECK PACKAGE.


LPT 12" Engineered Gooseneck

Diamond C LPT Telescopic Cylinder Dump Trailer

Diamond C LPT Dump Trailer

Diamond C WDT Dump Trailer

(Optional upgrade on Model WDT dump trailer)