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Telescopic Dump Cylinder

Diamond C LPT Telescopic Cylinder Dump Trailer

Why do we use Telescopic Cylinders in our Dump Trailers?

Telescoping Cylinder Technology is changing the way we approach building and designing our DUMP TRAILERS. The direct push design of the cylinder allows for maximum dumping leverage and puts far less stress on the main frame of the trailer than a traditional scissor lift hoist does. It’s much like what’s been used for decades on semi-end dump trailers and heavy duty dump trucks. The front-mounted telescoping cylinder position provides greater lifting power than a traditional scissor lift hoist, and also handles imbalanced loads significantly better.

Our heavy duty Telescopic Cylinder is a 3 stage cylinder that uses a KTI brand power-up, gravity-down system to help conserve energy. We also offer an optional Wireless Remote for additional convenience.

What are the benefits of Telescopic Cylinders?

Our Telescopic Cylinder boasts many benefits over the more traditional scissor-lift and dual cylinder setups:

  1. More front of body dumping leverage
  2. Handles imperfectly balanced loads more efficiently
  3. Less stress on overall frame of the trailer
  4. Ease of system maintenance due to front mount location

What models is this offered on?

This efficient, tried and true technology is found on most of our DUMP TRAILER lineup, including our 3 smaller models: GST, GDT, and MDT, and also on our flagship heavy duty low profile LPT dump trailer (as well as being an available option on model dual tandem gooseneck WDT).

Heavy Duty Model LPT:

Model WDT dual tandem dump trailer:

(optional upgrade)

Small Dump Trio (GST, GDT, and MDT):

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