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We built gooseneck trailers just like the rest of the industry for the last 30 years. We purchased standard I-beams and sliced and diced them and added reinforcement to make strong trailers out of them. While we have always been proud of our gooseneck trailers we came to a place of unrest. We knew that there had to be a better way.

We started studying the strength dynamics of I-beams and quickly turned to flat-bed semi-trailers for inspiration. For decades the semi-trailer manufacturers have been building their own I-beams, custom to each trailer configuration. They realized long ago that standard beams were not the best solution for the strongest, lightest trailer frames. They needed taller beams considering the span of the frames without the excess weight that comes with taller standard beams.

The same principles clearly applied to gooseneck trailer framing so we set out to design, engineer, and build our own I-beams. After nearly three years of research and development, this Fleetneck, Engineered Beam product line is the result.

We now have an almost infinite control over the shape of the beams. We’re able to optimize the performance of the steel by putting it to work where we need it most. No dead weight. No added reinforcements needed. We’re able to build contours into the beams that optimize the total design and functionality, from dovetails to deck-height. Our beams are the tallest and strongest in gooseneck trailers, with the best strength-to-weight ratios on the road.

Considering the landmark advancements in the way we frame gooseneck trailers we were resolved to optimize the total trailer design, not just the frame. So we set out to make every part of our Fleetnecks the best it could be. You’ll find problem solving, intelligent design incorporated from the dovetails to the deck steps and everywhere in between.

Thank you for considering a Fleetneck. We respect the money that you’ll spend on a gooseneck trailer and yearn to make sure that our trailer is one that takes good care of you for years to come.


The Diamond C Design Team

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A few important facts:

-We’ve designed and engineered our I-beam frames, and we’re factory building the I-beams, just like semi trailer manufacturers do. This enables us to build taller, stronger, lighter frames that optimize the trailer from end to end. Most models utilize a 16″ tall beam!
-Using this technology, Tandem-Dual gooseneck weights are reduced by 300-1,000+ pounds depending on length and configuration, all the while they are stronger and have higher payload capacities.
-The design release includes an all new 44” wide MAX Ramp option. We improved the hinge design so that it is optimized for user friendliness, durability, and safety.
-Our Hydraulic Dovetail is now 12′ long with automatic latches. It boasts the best loading angle in hydraulic dovetail goosenecks and easy to use too.
-The Fleetneck Engineered Beam Design is Patent Pending. 


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Fleetneck Hydraulic Dovetail

Fleetneck Hydraulic Dovetail

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