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Research & Development

R&D Team

“If we can’t find a way, then we create a way…”

Shoutout to our Research & Development Team for always pushing the envelope in the trailer industry!

From our best selling HD V-TONGUE LID storage option to our patent protected ENGINEERED BEAM TECHNOLOGY, these guys put the “extra” in extraordinary! 💪

Research & Development is a very important part of who we are and what we do. Diamond C has never been about building just another average trailer – it’s about pushing the limits of what’s possible to build the very best trailer we possibly can. Whether that’s one little nuance of a trailer design, or building a whole new concept from scratch, every time we approach a new project our mantra is – “How can we make it stronger, lighter, look better, and ultimately deliver more value and use to our customers?” 

R&D is an ongoing and constant pursuit – after 35+ years of building trailers, we are building the best trailers we have ever built, and delivering a better product from all the cumulative years of experience and forward innovation that is rooted deep in our CULTURE.

For a full list of Diamond C innovations from our R&D Team, check out the entire DC INNOVATIONS section of our website for more information on cutting edge trailer design and innovative options such as:

And much more…


For the full story check out this video below: