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LPD 3/16" Heavy Duty Fender


*NOTE: This article references some of our now discontinued utility trailers. We discontinued our utility trailer lineup in 2021 to focus on what makes Diamond C Trailers truly unique – our heavier duty flatbed gooseneck, equipment, and dump models. You may still see some of our utility models from this article on dealer lots while we transition away from producing them.


Diamond C offers a variety of customizable fender choices for your trailer – from smooth to diamond plate to removable. Some options are for looks, and some are for added functionality and protection. Keep scrolling to learn all about our fender choices for your trailer.

16 ga Smooth Fender

Our most basic fender, found on our standard GSA general duty utility trailer.

GSA 16 ga Smooth Fenders

16 ga Smooth Fender with Gravel Guard

Offered as the standard fender on most UTILITY and CAR HAULER models.
Includes a gravel guard for protection against rock chips.

16 ga smooth fender with gravel guard

On tandem axle trailers this fender has a teardrop in the middle for added coverage.

RBT 16 ga Teardrop Fenders w/ Gravel Guard

CAR HAULERS equipped with our “Pro Package” feature an aluminum gravel guard for a flashier look when hauling your show car.

GTF 16ga Teardrop Fenders

14 ga Diamond Plate Fenders

An available option on most UTILITY and CAR HAULER models, and standard on most of our heavier class EQUIPMENT and DUMP trailers.

UVT 14 ga Diamond Plate Fender
RBT 14 ga Teardrop Fenders, Diamond Plate
EDU 14 ga Teardrop Fender, Diamond Plate

3/16″ Super Heavy Duty Diamond Plate Fenders

Our 3/16″ Super Heavy Duty Diamond Plate fender option is a must for contractors and work crews whose environment requires equipment outfitted with the toughest features known to man. Pairs great with our HD 215 TIRE UPGRADE. Popular on heavier duty models like the TUT and EDU utility trailers, MVC Multi-Vehicle Carrier, flatbed equipments including LPX and HDT, and our medium and heavy duty dump models (GDT, MDT, LPD, and LPT).

EDU 3/16" Diamond Plate Fender, Super Heavy Duty
LPD 3/16" Heavy Duty Fender
LPD 7 ga Dump Body Upgrade

3/16″ Heavy Duty Fenders Video

Drive-Over Fenders

Drive-Over fenders are especially handy when loading wide equipment. Found as an upgrade on all CAR HAULERS and Equipment Trailer models LPX and HDT. These pair great with FRAME EXTENSIONS for those extra-wide loads.

Loading Video:

Diamond Plate Frame Extensions
Model GTF car hauler with 102" max width package

Removable Fenders

In certain cases, we’ve found that some trailer users prefer the option to have removable fenders depending on what cargo or equipment they are hauling. Dealers who ship large quantities of trailers greatly benefit from this as it means they can stack more trailers on each load.
Most of our flatbed models (UVT Utility, all CAR HAULERS, and LPX and HDT Equipment trailer models) feature bolt-on fenders as standard, so they can easily be removed in a few steps by undoing 4 bolts.

Black Painted Fenders

Have a non-standard COLOR trailer with bolt-on fenders and want to stand out? Add black painted fenders for a cool 2 tone look.

UVT Utility trailer with black painted fenders

Build Your Own Trailer

Ready to customize and price your own trailer with your choice of fenders? Click below to view and price all our trailer models:

3/16" Diamond Plate Trailer Fenders