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Utility Trailer Storage (Legacy)


*NOTE: We discontinued our utility trailer lineup in 2021 to focus on what makes Diamond C Trailers truly unique – our heavier duty flatbed gooseneck, equipment, and dump models. Click below for a full list of current models.



Our UTILITY TRAILERS may be light and nimble, but that doesn’t mean they compromise on a variety of storage options to stow away all your straps, tools, and accessories safely and securely.


10″ Lockable Steel Tongue Box

This handy lockable box fits right on top of the tongue and is a great way to add usability to your utility trailer. Offered on models PSA, GSA, UVT, GTU, and TUT.

10" Tongue Box


16″ Lockable Steel Tongue Box

The bigger brother to our popular 10″ box. Offered on models PSA, UVT, GTU, TUT, and EDU.

16" Lockable Steel Tongue Box


Lockable Aluminum Tongue Box

For added strength and durability. Plus, who doesn’t love that shiny chromed look? Offered on models PSA, UVT, GTU, TUT, and EDU.

Aluminum Tongue Box


Expanded Metal 24″ x 24″ x Width of Trailer Box

A popular choice among landscapers for extra bonus storage, conveniently located and out of the way of your other loaded equipment. Offered on models PSA, GTU, TUT, and EDU.

Expanded Metal 24" x 24" x Width of Trailer Box


Full Width Diamond Plate Neck Box

If you’ve opted to upgrade your TUT or EDU with a GOOSENECK PACKAGE, then enjoy the added benefits of a massive neck box between the jacks.

Full Width Diamond Plate Neck Box



Air Ride Advantage Program for Air Ride Gooseneck and Step Deck Trailers