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Model LPX Equipment Trailer (with Engineered Gooseneck Package)

When it comes to loading your cars and equipment, Diamond C offers a variety of options to address whatever your needs are. From light duty Slide-In ramps to our extreme duty Flip Knee and Max ramps, be prepared for anything! 

Use this handy guide to help you decide what ramp you need for your job, and learn how to keep your Diamond C trailer safe and functional for years to come.

Slide-In Ramps

Available on: Most DUMP, CAR HAULER, and flatbed EQUIPMENT & GOOSENECK models.

Usage: General freight hauling, longer material hauling, occasional vehicle hauling, side-loading pallets and materials.
*These ramps are NOT intended for loading heavy machinery*

Slide-in ramps are a light and easy to use ramp system that hides inside the trailer itself, keeping the rear of your trailer clear and leaving views unobstructed.

(We also offer Rear Stabilizer Drop-Leg Jacks as an available add-on to our dump trailers to assist in keeping the dump trailer level and steady when loading small equipment from the rear).


Slide-in ramps have a “transitional” weight limit, which means that their capacity is half that of the axles. 

In a trailer with a GVWR of 18K, the two axles represent 8K of weight each, while the other 2K come from the truck itself. In this case, the “transitional” weight limit on the ramps must be less than 8K, or else you risk damaging the ramps.

Max Ramps

Available on: All FMAX/PX/SDX Series and most heavy duty EQUIPMENT & CAR HAULER models.

Usage: Heavy equipment and vehicle hauling.

The Max Ramps two part hinge system (one inside the body and one outside the body) distributes weight while loading and helps to prevent the ramps from kicking up or the dovetail from sagging.

When in the stowed position, Max Ramps provide a flat, unobstructed loading surface, which allows you to use the full length of the trailed bed to haul longer material. Max Ramps can also be stowed in the upright position during transport if you have equipment with a pull behind mower for example that needs to be transported on the dovetail.

Learn more about MAX RAMPS HERE.

Flip Knee Ramps

Flip knee ramps are available in three options: general duty, heavy duty, and XDR extreme duty.

General Flip Knee Ramps

Available on: Most EQUIPMENT models.

The support knee adds durability and extra support when loading heavier equipment.

HD Flip Knee Ramps

Available on: LPX & DEC Models.

For extreme loading and unloading, outfit your equipment trailer with our 24″ wide x 60″ long HD ramps. These extra wide ramps are spring-assisted, so lifting and lowering is made easy even by a single person.

XDR Extreme Duty Flip Knee Ramps

Available on: GOOSENECK, PINTLE, and STEP DECK trailers.

These EXTREME DUTY RAMPS were specifically designed to haul heavy concentrated equipment and machinery such as backhoes and excavators.

These heavy duty ramps are available on most of our deck over trailers that utilize our patent protected ENGINEERED BEAM TECHNOLOGY.


For the most extreme loads, consider upgrading to our MAX RAMPS for extra loading stability and durability.

Hydraulic Dovetail

Available on: GOOSENECK, PINTLE, and STEP DECK trailers.

Usage: Large equipment hauling, hauling across the length of the trailer.

Our 12′ Hydraulic Dovetail boasts features that aid in efficiency and easy operation. This revolutionary trailer dovetail is 3′ longer than the industry average of 9′, which results in an easier to climb approach angle, aided by Blackwood Lumber runners.

Rated to lift and carry 10,000 lbs distributed across the length of the dovetail with regard to your specific trailer GVWR and common load distribution practices.

READ OUR IN-DEPTH GUIDE to learn more about our revolutionary 12′ dovetail and to see it in action.


Air Ride Advantage Program for Air Ride Gooseneck and Step Deck Trailers