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Model LPX Equipment Trailer (with X-Ramp)

Max-Width Loading made Easy

Introducing our all new X-Ramp loading option for Equipment Trailer Models LPX and LPX-GN!

This innovative, full-width ramp option has been specifically designed for use with the MAX WIDTH PACKAGE, which includes frame extensions that allow for an extra-wide 102″ trailer bed width.

The X-Ramp is a full-width, single piece ramp that allows for an easier loading experience and aides in versatility from being able to load a wide lawn mower all the way to a dually pickup or even a skidsteer or a tractor.

It’s also HD spring loaded for easy lifting from deck and from the ground, and easy to operate with one hand as the X-Ramp uses the same two-part hinge system from our best selling MAX RAMPS. The X-Ramp utilizes a 50 ksi rated ramp frame for maximum strength and durability.

The X-Ramp + 102″ Max Width package also includes heavy duty 3/16″ Drive Over FENDERS, which come in especially handy when loading extra wide equipment.

*Note: X-Ramps are only available on LPX models that are 18′ or longer.


  • 102″ Full-Width design
  • Single piece ramp
  • Self cleaning dovetail
  • 50 ksi steel ramp frames
  • HD Spring loaded for easy lifting from deck and from ground
  • Aggressive angled cleats for traction in the slickest conditions
  • Paired with HD 3/16″ Drive Over Fenders
  • 44.25″ Length X 92.5″ Width

Video Demo:

Watch below for an in-depth look at the ramp, and see various types of equipment being loaded onto it:


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