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Flip-Knee Ramps

Diamond C LPX Equipment Trailer

Diamond C EQUIPMENT TRAILERS (and some heavy duty UTILITY models) come with a choice of heavy duty or general duty flip-knee ramp options.

Extra Wide 24″ HD Flip-Knee Ramps

For extreme loading and unloading, outfit your equipment trailer with our 24″ wide x 60″ long HD ramps. These extra wide ramps are spring-assisted, so lifting and lowering is made easy even by a single person.
Our heavy duty ramps are constructed with 4″ channel side supports and 2″ square tube cross supports for maximum support. The gradual expanded metal loading surface and angle makes loading and unloading a breeze.

These HD ramps are available on on equipment trailer models LPX and DEC.

LPX 24" Wide HD Flip-Knee Ramps
Extra Wide 24" HD Flip Knee Ramps

60″ Flip-Knee Ramps

These 4″ channel, spring-assisted ramps are offered on most equipment trailer models (and heavier duty utility models TUT and EDU). The support knee adds durability and extra support when loading heavier equipment.

60" Flip-Knee Ramps (3" Channel)
EDU 60" Flip-Knee, Spring-Assisted Ramps (4" Channel)

XDR Extreme Duty Flip-Knee Ramps

We also offer XDR RAMPS – these extreme duty ramps were specifically designed to haul heavy concentrated equipment and machinery such as backhoes and excavators. Learn more about them HERE. (Available on all all GOOSENECK, PINTLE HITCH, and STEP DECK trailers).

XDR Ramps

(For the most extreme of loads, consider our MAX RAMPS, offered on equipment models LPX and DEC, as well as all GOOSENECK, PINTLE HITCH, and STEP DECK trailers).