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Growth & Development Video Series

Video Series: Discovery With DC

Introducing our new video series, Discovery with DC, where we’ll be telling the stories of our journey, perspectives, and lessons learned along the way. We hope that you’ll tune in and join us on the journey!

(This page will be updated as new episodes are filmed)

Episode 7 – A Strategy of Assertiveness!

In this episode, Jeffery makes a case for why assertiveness matters in how you show up and in your brand and products too.

“How you show up matters in determining the results that you get. Your assertiveness matters.”

Assertiveness is defined as: having or showing a confident personality; having a distinct or notable flavor or aroma; confidently self-assured; positive.

Episode 6 – What If We Build Our Own I-Beams?

What if one day you imagined that there had to be a better way? What if the better way you dreamed of was radically different than what everyone knew? What if you had to bet your career and the jobs of hundreds of people of your idea – that it would work and win the day? What if it worked? What if it made things possible that weren’t possible before? What if it opened up new opportunities and super charged the growth and success of your team members, customers, and community?

Tune in to this episode of Discovery with DC as Jeffery & Jacob tell the story of how Fleetneck Engineered Beam Technology came to be.

Episode 5 – Culture Gets Results!

DC Team Members say that our culture is extraordinary, caring, supportive, progressive, and innovative! But why does it matter so much? In this episode, Jeffery talks through the answer to this question based on DC’s experience, and provides 4 steps for curating the culture of an organization.


Episode 4 – Harness and Hone your Strengths for Power and Edge!

In this episode of Discovery with DC, Jeffery and special guest, Katie Stedman, talk through our journey of strengths discovery at DC.

Learning our Strengths and how to harness and hone them for maximum effectiveness has been transformational for the DC team— an absolute catalyst in fueling our growth and success. We invite you to join us on the journey!


Episode 3 – A Key to Your Growth

Do you want to grow your business, leadership skills, or to achieve personal growth in some part of life? Join us for Episode 3 of Discovery with DC as Jeffery talks us through ‘development’ as a key to growth!


Episode 2 – Fastest Growing Market Share

Join us for Episode 2 as Jeffery and Bryan talk through the story behind DC’s recent AWARD of 2019 Fastest Growing Market Share by Statistical Surveys. #WorkHardPlayHard

*Bonus Episode (Covid-19)

We’ve heard from many of you from all over North America, some still doing work, and some hunkering down as your region of the world deals with increased challenges from COVID-19. Our hearts and prayers are with you all! Please listen if you’d like as our President, Jeffery Crabb, shares perspective on ‘keeping the faith’ and ‘the days ahead’. #LoveStrong 💪💙

Episode 1 – A Call to Action

In this first episode of Discovery with DC, Jeffery and Bryan talk through our experience in dealing with COVID-19 and what we’re doing to prepare for the sunshine that’s coming!

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