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Diamond C Awarded Largest Market Share Growth for 2019

2019 Largest Growth Award


Diamond C clinches award for largest market share growth across all trailer segments for 2019 per Statistical Surveys.

This was a very proud moment for our entire organization and all our team members to win this award and share in the accomplishment.

Our President Jeffery Crabb on the award:

“This is not an award that we earned for just a great year in 2019. This award is the culmination of years of diligent efforts applied by many to advance our trailers, marketing, branding, sales, team-members, customers, community, and all! And this is just the beginning!
A vendor that heard about the award asked me, “So what’s it feel like to be out front?” I told him that it’s an honor and almost surreal because we’ve been working at developing and growing the company and brand for so many years. But also that it’s not really something we think about because we’re always thinking about the future and what’s next. I’m not nearly as worried about where our competitors are as I am about making sure that we’re putting forth our very best efforts to fuel the growth and success of our team members, customers, and community. Surpassing our competitors in the process is just icing on the cake! We will celebrate this award as a milestone for the team and we’ll use it as a catalyst for what’s to come!”

Our VP of Sales & Marketing Jacob Crabb added:

“We are truly blessed to receive this award. It is a testament to the grit and tenacity of the Diamond C dealer network as well as all of the great DC team members in Mt. Pleasant that strive every day to fuel the growth and success of their peers, customers and communities abroad. This award is just the beginning!”

Interview with Jeffery Crabb: