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Clifton Strengths at DC

In 2019 the Diamond C Leadership Team started exploring the potential benefits of adding a CLIFTON STRENGTHS FINDER training and discovery program to benefit our core team at DC. We hired a certified Clifton Strengths coach and got to work immediately! Over the course of the next few months, most of our team members took the strengths finder assessment test and departments met together to share their results. With the guidance of a certified coach, we discussed and dissected each other’s natural strengths and started laying the framework towards better collaboration and understanding of ourselves, our team members, and how to maximize our strengths.

Learning our Strengths and how to harness and hone them for maximum effectiveness has been transformational for the DC team — an absolute catalyst in fueling our growth and success. We invite you to join us on the journey!


Harness and Hone your Strengths for Power and Edge

Watch this video from our our DISCOVERY WITH DC Video Series where Jeffery Crabb and special guest, certified Clifton Strengths Coach Katie Stedman, talk through our journey of strengths discovery at DC.





#TeamDC Strengths

Watch the short videos below to hear from some of our team members about what their core strengths mean to them, and how their knowledge of their own strengths impacts them positively at work and in life.


Ivan – “Restorative”

Liz – “Responsibility”

Benji – “Relator”

Bryan – “Positivity”

Jeff – “Learner”

Joey – “Intellection”

Martha – “Input”

Russell – “Individualization”

Polo – “Includer”

Alex – “Ideation”

Brenda – “Harmony”

Luis – “Futuristic”

Gloria – “Developer”

Mike “Empathy”