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Body & Sides

Utility Trailer Sides (Legacy)

PSA 3" Channel Tongue


*NOTE: We discontinued our utility trailer lineup in 2021 to focus on what makes Diamond C Trailers truly unique – our heavier duty flatbed gooseneck, equipment, and dump models. Click below for a full list of current models.



Diamond C UTILITY TRAILERS can be used for so many applications – from hauling your ATV/mower/golf cart, to moving brush/dirt from your yard work projects, to professionals needing landscaping or construction trailers. With this in mind, we have added the option for you to customize your utility trailer sides to fit your unique needs.


13/24″ Tall Open Sides

13″ tall open sides is the standard configuration on most of our utility trailers. Perfect for hauling toys or mowers. For extra high sizes, pick our 24″ tall option. Customize your TOP RAIL style and material depending on your needs.


Diamond C GSA Single Axle Utility Trailer


Expanded Metal Sides

This side option is perfect when hauling equipment, tools, or material that you want to keep more contained and avoid risk of falling out. Choose from the standard height 13″ tall or extra-tall 24″ expanded metal heights for your trailer.


PSA Expanded Metal Sides

GTU Trailer Regular Height Expanded Metal Sides

GTU Trailer 24" Tall Expanded Metal Sides

PSA 24" Tall Expanded Metal Sides
Model PSA with Weedeater STORAGE box.


Solid Sheet-Metal Sides

This 14″ solid side option is popular among landscapers who want to ensure all their cargo is safe, protected, and fully contained. Offered on models PSA and GTU utility trailers.


PSA Sheet Metal Solid Sides

PSA Solid Sides