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Body & Sides

Top Rail Options (Legacy)


*NOTE: We discontinued our utility trailer lineup in 2021 to focus on what makes Diamond C Trailers truly unique – our heavier duty flatbed gooseneck, equipment, and dump models. Click below for a full list of current models.



Our UTILITY TRAILERS feature 3 unique top rail options to choose from:


Balled-end Pipe

This 13 ga pipe tube is permanently sealed, safe and ergonomic. This is a much stronger option than angle iron torsionally. The balled-end pipe has a nice and clean finished end – no unsightly plastic or welded-on caps. We use 2-3/8″ material on lighter utility models PSA, GSA, GTU, and TUT, and 2-7/8″ material on our heavy duty utility trailer model EDU.

PSA Balled-end Pipe


Square Tube

14 ga square tubing top rail has a great eye appeal and is structurally stronger than traditional angle iron. We use 14 ga material for extra rigidity and strength. We use 2″ square tube on on models models PSA, GSA, GTU, and TUT, and 3″ square tube on our heavy duty utility trailer model EDU.

TUT Trailer Top Rail 2" Square Tube, 14 ga

PSA Top Rail 2" Square Tube


2″ x 2″ Angle Iron

This angle iron top rail is 1/8″ thick on single axle models PSA and GSA, and 3/16″ thick on heavier duty tandem axle models GTU, TUT, and EDU. Angle iron top rail enables ease of hooking rubber bungees or light weight straps anywhere along the edge.

GSA 2" x 2" x 1/8" Angle Iron



Air Ride Advantage Program for Air Ride Gooseneck and Step Deck Trailers