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DC Life

Video Series: Principles of Sales

This video series, Principles of Sales, is more than just about “sales”. Influence is an important part of any leader’s job. If you’re in leadership, sales, or just simply looking to grow your influence, this is a valuable series to keep your eye on. Our Sales Manager, Scott Smith, has over 20 years of sales experience across various auto, equipment, and trailer verticals. Listen in below as Scott shares his sales strategies and tips he’s learnt over the years.

(This page will be updated as new episodes are filmed)

Episode 2 – Sales Tips

Check out these informative sales tips and practices that Diamond C’s sales manager Scott Smith offers to help your dealership be ready to attack the day.

Episode 1 – Overcoming Objections

Tune into this first episode and learn as Scott gives some tips and tricks for navigating customers, ultimately resulting in converting more prospects into paying customers. Scott shares his breakdown of L.U.C.K and how it might apply to you.

What is L.U.C.K, you ask? Watch Scott here to find out 😉