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Equipment Trailer Storage

Our EQUIPMENT TRAILERS have plenty of added options for storage to keep your tools, tie-downs, and other accessories safe and secure while your are on the worksite.

HD V-Tongue Lid

A best seller since we launched it in 2015, this intelligently crafted storage option offers maximum storage space for jacks, tools, straps, etc.
Add to any model LPX, HDT, DEC, or DET.

HD V-Tongue Lid
LPX HD V-Tongue Storage Lid

Constructed with 3/16″ Diamond Plate, this lid also doubles as bonus deck space.

HD V-Tongue Lid Closed

HD V-Tongue Lid Video

14″ x 14″ x 42″ Underslung Box

A popular add-on for our heavy duty deck-over models DEC and DET for handy below-deck storage that’s convenient to access, but also out of the way of the equipment your are hauling. Add one on each side of your trailer if you want!

DEC Storage 14" x 14" x 36" Under-Slung Box

Lockable Steel Tongue Box

The 10″ version can be found on model GDD, and the bigger brother 16″ version of this handy lockable tongue storage box is offered on models EQT, LPX, DEC and HDT.

16" Lockable Steel Tongue Box

Lockable Aluminum Tongue Box

For added strength and durability. Plus, who doesn’t love that shiny chromed look? Offered on model GDD.

Aluminum Tongue Box

Models EQT, LPX, DEC, and HDT all come standard with our Chain Tray in Tongue storage.

MVC Chain Tray in Tongue Storage

Add a Chain Tray Lid for extra convenience and security.

EQT Chain Tray Lid

Full Width Diamond Plate Neck Box

If you’ve opted to upgrade your EQT, LPX, DEC, DET, or HDT with a GOOSENECK PACKAGE, then enjoy the added benefits of a massive neck box between the jacks.

Full Width Diamond Plate Neck Box