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Growth & Development Video Series

Difference Maker Leadership Podcast

The Difference Maker Leadership Podcast.

Welcome to the Difference Maker Leadership Podcast. Tune in to hear from successful leaders as they share their stories and favorite leadership learnings to fuel the growth and success of our team members, customers, and community as a whole.

Difference Maker – Arlindo Silva

The Difference Maker Leadership Podcast’s first episode features the President of Diamond C Trailers, Arlindo Silva. Arlindo joins Diamond C’s CEO, Jeffrey Crabb, to discuss his career path and how it brought him to the company. They also discuss Arlindo’s favorite leadership learnings and how he applies them in his workday.

Difference Maker – Suzanne Walker

We had the pleasure of hosting Mrs. Suzanne Walker, owner and operator of Laura’s Cheesecake and Bakery, on the Difference Maker Leadership Podcast. Tune in to hear her and Diamond C’s CEO Jeffrey Crabb discuss managing your mindset, leading yourself, and living by the motto ‘lead, follow, or get out of the way.’

Difference Maker – Drew Barkley

On the Difference Maker Leadership Podcast, Coach Drew Barkley from the Mount Pleasant High School basketball team shares his insights on achieving success. He highlights the importance of setting high expectations, fostering a positive team environment, and prioritizing listening, learning, loving, and looping.

Difference Maker – Dr. Tony Rundles

We had the honor of speaking with Dr. Tony Rundles, pastor and author, on the Difference Maker Leader Podcast. Tune in to hear Dr. Rundles share his insights on defining our purpose and emphasizing the importance of growing where we are planted. He also provided the acronym F.A.T. which stands for Faithful, Available, and Teachable, to help us be the best version of ourselves.

Difference Maker – Fuentes Family

Meet Jose Fuentes and his daughter Nayeli, a Difference Maker at Diamond C Trailers. As the leader of our maintenance team and a devoted father of six, Jose, along with Nayeli, embody the values of family, sacrifice, and growth. Their inspiring journey showcases the power of making difficult decisions, seizing opportunities, and learning from both triumphs and setbacks. Their guiding principle is to “Lift as you Climb,” uplifting others as they climb to new heights, serving as mentors, and promoting the ideals of leadership.

Difference Maker – Mark Levesque

Join us on the Difference Maker Leadership Podcast with Mark Levesque. He shares his inspiring journey from a teacher to a principal to a superintendent, exploring the transformative power of leadership. We had the privilege of discussing some of his guiding leadership principles that have paved the path to success. These principles include honoring the past, understanding the value of branding, giving your all in everything you do, and many more!