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Automotive Grade Wiring Harness

Diamond C automotive-grade wiring harness.

Diamond C’s commitment to progress has led to a significant upgrade in our trailers’ wiring systems. We have replaced the previous wiring harness with a new, fully sealed harness that is made with automotive-grade materials. This upgrade ensures that the wiring is of the highest quality and can withstand harsh conditions. To achieve this upgrade, Diamond C partnered with USA Harness, a leading manufacturer of automotive-grade wiring harnesses.

Fully Sealed Wiring Harness

Our trailers are designed with zero hard-wired connections, ensuring a hassle-free and efficient setup. All connections are protected from the outdoor elements through the use of over-molded features or automotive connectors. This eliminates the need for cutting, stripping, crimping, or heat shrink applications. The sealed connections not only contribute to the trailer’s longevity but also serve as a strong defense against corrosion, most importantly to the brakes, resulting in long-lasting performance and reliability.

Plug and Play Modular Harness

Flexibility and convenience are at the forefront of our design. Our plug-and-play modular harness allows for seamless customization, with combinations of harness sections and extensions available to suit virtually any configuration. Whether you’re looking to add additional lights or integrate new features into your trailer, our modular approach simplifies the process, making enhancements hassle-free.

Automotive Grade Connectors

Equipped with automotive-grade connectors, our wiring harness is engineered to withstand the rigors of the road. From electric brake axles to electric over hydraulic pumps, our harness ensures seamless integration and reliable performance.

Diamond C automotive-grade wiring harness connectors.

Expandable Harness

We understand that needs evolve over time, which is why our wiring harness is designed to be expandable. Integrated drop-offs allow for the seamless addition of extra lights or auxiliary equipment, providing versatility without sacrificing performance.

Standard Reverse/Backup Lights

In a commitment to safety and visibility, reverse or backup lights are now a standard feature on every trailer. This enhancement ensures heightened awareness during maneuvers in low-light conditions, further elevating the towing experience.

Diamond C's Standard Backup/Reverse Lights - Available for all models

Our partnership with USA Harness has resulted in a high-quality wiring harness that is designed to last. This upgrade is a testament to Diamond C’s commitment to providing customers with the best possible product, and it is sure to make your trailer even more reliable and durable.

For a behind-the-scenes look at the manufacturing process of our wiring harness, watch the video below!


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