Custom trailer builds are rooted deep in Diamond C DNA. Building one-off creations that were dreamt up on a construction site or started life at a local coffee shop on a napkin is somethng that Diamond C is passionate about delivering.

Model: Custom TUT

Custom Model TUT Gooseneck Trailer. Built for a California High School District to haul High School band equipment from game to game.

Model: Custom LPD

Custom model LPD dual purpose dump trailer with 4’ stationary deck and side bi-fold gate.

Model: Custom EQT

Custom model EQT equipment trailer with a striking Kubota Orange custom paint job.

Model: Custom LPX

Custom Model LPX Equipment Trailer outfitted with a 3/16″ Steel Floor, Rock Shield, and Aluminum Wheels.

Model: Custom EDU

Custom model EDU for hauling over-width tractors, sand cars, and other heavy equipment.