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Tilt Trailer Hydraulic Dampening System

Diamond C began in the early 2000’s pioneering dampened hydraulic tilt bed trailers. We knew there had to be a better way other than traditional ramps. The only tilt bed trailers of the day had no resistance and slammed down when it came to loading equipment. After many years of revisions and a new partnership with Stillwell – the final result is silky smooth.

HDT Tilt Hydraulic Dampening System

Tilt Speed Control Valve, Gravity Fed, Hydraulic Tilt Bed. Simple to use – no ramps to lift. Just unlatch, tilt, load, lock, and go.

We have teamed up with STILLWELL HYDRAULICS and are using their dampened hydraulic system with refillable reservoir and speed control valve. Stilwell are the industry leading professionals when it comes to trailer related hydraulic dampening systems.

You can find this technology on our HDT and DSA tilt trailers.

Model HDT Hydraulic Tilt Trailer