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Growth & Development Video Series

Video Series: Fundamentals for Success

At Diamond C, our FUNDAMENTALS FOR SUCCESS are the key 26 key characteristics of our culture that have been proven to fuel the growth and success of our team-members, customers, and community abroad. This video series is where our #TeamDC members will be sharing a bit of fundamental wisdom and perspective with us!

(This page will be updated as new episodes are filmed)

Fundamental #1: Maintain a Positive Attitude

Fundamental #2: Do Extraordinary Work

Fundamental #3: Call the Meeting

Fundamental #4: Seek Thorough Understanding

Fundamental #5: Serve One Another

Fundamental #6: Do the Right Thing Always

Fundamental #7: Check Your Ego at the Door

Fundamental #8: Find the Way

Fundamental #9: Speak Straight

Fundamental #10: Look Ahead and Anticipate

Fundamental #11: Practice Human Connection

Fundamental #12: Measure Twice, Cut Once

Fundamental #13: Take Care of Yourself