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Growth & Development Video Series

Video Series: Dare to be Different

Differentiate your business. Stand out. Lead the way.

Listen in on this video series as Jacob Crabb, our VP of Sales & Marketing, shares practical tips and methods for making your business, product, or dealership stand out and rise above the competition. In today’s competitive world, being unique and intentional with your customer strategy matters.

(This page will be updated as new episodes are filmed)

Episode 2 – Raving Fans

In this Dare to be Different video we break down the customer service strategy that Diamond C strives to live out called “Raving Fans” and challenge you – if you have a business, big or small, to apply and strive for it too!

Episode 1 – Differentiate Your Dealership

Dare to be Different Challenge:

Carve out 30 – 45 minutes of uninterrupted time to truly unplug – step outside – take a deep breath and begin to evaluate your business:

  • How are you any different from the guy down the street?
  • How is your product offering any different? What can you do to make it stand out?
  • Put yourself in the customers shoes. What is the customer experience like from the moment they enter your door to the moment they leave?
  • How can you create raving fans of your brand / dealership? A raving fan is more than just a return customer – they are your best salesman.
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