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Chapel Hill Fundamental Podcast Project

Diamond C's Marketing team & Chapel Hill 5th graders posing for a picture

Diamond C’s Marketing team and the Chapel Hill 5th graders teamed up to create short podcast videos featuring DC’s 26 FUNDAMENTALS FOR SUCCESS. Each group of students chose a fundamental and came up with related questions to ask one another for an interview-style podcast. The students had complete creative control with outlining, directing, and producing the podcasts. The marketing team had a blast watching the student showcase their creativity while also learning the importance of the fundamentals. Keep scrolling to see the final products!

Fundamental #1 – Maintain A Positive Attitude

Fundamental #1 is about your attitude and how it can affect others around you. The group of students had a great conversation about the importance of staying positive and the methods they use to maintain positive attitudes. They then talked about a person in their life who has the best positive attitude. Another discussion topic was about how negativity affects others and what happens if they come into a situation without a positive attitude. They also talked about ways they like to get rid of negativity and if it is hard to have a positive attitude all the time. Check out the two videos below to watch their discussions about maintaining a positive attitude!

Fundamental #3 – Call The Meeting

Fundamental #3 is all about communication and not allowing issues to get bigger than they originally were in the first place. The students in the video below talked about how they would handle gossip if they heard someone talking about them behind their backs. They also discussed the importance of communicating how they feel. The last topic was about the importance of not holding a grudge. Check out the video below to hear their answers and the whole discussion!

Fundamental #7 – Check Your Ego at the Door

Fundamental #7 is about checking your ego at the door and not letting it get in the way of what’s best for the team. This group of students had a great conversation about an instance when they weren’t selfish and how it affected their team. Then they talked about a time when they were selfish and how it affected their team. They also discussed someone who showed good character and what that meant to them. Watch the video below to listen to their discussion on checking your ego at the door!

Fundamental #8 – Find The Way

Fundamental #8 is about being resourceful and getting things done, even if they aren’t laid out perfectly for you. If you go into a situation looking for a problem instead of a solution, you will probably find a reason to quit. The students discussed what finding the way meant and how they would handle a situation when they didn’t have all the ingredients. They also talked about how they find the way when doing tasks like figuring out a reading problem or making a video. Watch the video below to hear their entire conversation about finding the way!

Fundamental #9 – Speak Straight

Fundamental #9 is about the way you speak with your team. It is important to communicate honestly, clearly, and directly with your peers to ensure everyone is on the same page. This group of students had a great discussion about honesty in the classroom and gave examples of times they were honest. They then talked about an instance when they told the truth about someone, but the person didn’t admit it, and how they handled the situation. They also discussed why telling the truth made them feel good and what helped them tell the truth when it was hard to do so. Watch the video below to see the whole conversation!

Fundamental #11 – Practice Human Connection

Fundamental #11 is about the significance of connecting with your team and the people around you. Showing you care for your peers creates a workspace that isn’t strictly business. The students discussed how it makes them feel when someone shows they care about them. Then they talked about how they act around their friends vs. how they act around their parents or teachers. They also discussed what they do to make new friends. Watch the video below to see their conversation about practicing human connection!

Fundamental #12 – Measure Twice, Cut Once

Fundamental #12 is about the importance of details. The smallest detail could have an impact on the overall project. Double-checking is necessary for everyone, and if not done could affect many people in the end. The students talked about why it is so important to double-check their work and what they do if they mess up. They also talked about what people should do when they think something is wrong. Check out the video below to watch the whole discussion! 

Fundamental #15 – Watch Your Language

Fundamental #15 is not just about the language you use but the tone of how you speak to the people around you. It is important to use respectful language and tone to build trust with your peers. The students talked about the importance of using manners and respectful words. They also discussed why they shouldn’t use unkind words and what they can do to prevent others from using them. Check out the two videos below to see the podcasts!

Fundamental #20 – Create Win/Win Solutions

Fundamental #20 is about teamwork and how individual success depends on the entire team’s success. It is essential when creating solutions to consider the team’s needs on top of your own. The students discussed the importance of teamwork and why it is important to hear other people’s voices. Check out the video below to listen to their responses!

Fundamental #22 – Be Relentless About Progress

Fundamental 22 is about not giving up and recognizing that the road to success isn’t always easy. It’s okay if you fail, just don’t give up. The students talked about instances when they failed at something but didn’t give up. Then they spoke about their best school subject/favorite sport and gave tips on how to get better at it. They also discussed the challenges they have faced in the classroom/sports and the ways they could overcome those challenges. Watch the video below to see their entire conversation!

Fundamental #23 – Watch Out For One Another

Fundamental #23 is about watching out for one another and being good neighbors. The students had great discussions about the importance of encouraging others in the classroom and what characteristics a great classmate should have. Then they talked about someone who encourages them and how they would encourage a friend if they were down. They also talked about how they feel when someone watches out for them. The second group of students spoke about the characteristics of a good neighbor and when they checked in on someone. They also discussed how they could be good neighbors in the classroom, to their elders, and in their everyday life. Check out the two videos below to see the whole conversation! 

Fundamental #26 – Invest Your Time

Fundamental #26 is about investing your time and how important deciding what to invest your time in doing is. The way you choose to invest your time determines the extent of how much you will grow and be successful. This group of students had a conservation about how they spend their free time. Then they discussed an instance when they used their time unwisely and the outcome. The next question was if they could go back to that instance, would they spend their time differently. They also talked about when they rushed to do a task and the outcome. Check out the two videos below to see the entire conversations about investing your time!


Every video series needs a blooper video at the end, right? Below is a video full of fun and laughs from the Chapel Hill 5th graders. Enjoy!