Ryan Fusco, owner of WORKFORIT Apparel


“I’m a southern California general contractor, YouTuber, and blue collar apparel company owner (WORKFORIT Apparel). I grew up in the trades and have worked in construction full-time since right out of high school. Alongside that, I developed my love for videography and video editing. I started vlogging on YouTube around 2015 and have used that platform to showcase life in the trades and the rewards that come from it. I’ve always wanted to show the next generation that there are options out there other than college.”

Ryan Fusco pulling a Diamond C trailer.
WORKFORIT Apparel's Ryan Fusco with his favorite Diamond C dump trailer.
WORKFORIT Apparel's Ryan Fusco and his preferred Diamond C trailer of choice.


Check out which DC model Ryan chooses for his everyday hauler!

We offer a robust lineup of premium trailers – ranging from car haulers and dump trailers all the way to heavy duty equipment, tilt, gooseneck, and step deck models. We distribute them through a vast network of over 100 DEALER PARTNERS strategically placed throughout North America.

Ryan Fusco of WORKFORIT Apparel

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