Kim Crabb worked for a small trailer manufacturer in Mount Pleasant from 1981 to 1984, managing daily operations until the business was closed. So Kim was left without a job, but more importantly, she was left with lots of trailer knowledge. After job hunting for a few months, she and Mike (husband and Diamond C cofounder) began to think outside the box. When Kim’s employer closed the doors, it left customers without product and employees without jobs. So in the spring of 1985, Diamond C was born, along with the couple’s oldest son, Jeffery.

Crabb Family

The couple started very small, with only two trailer builders plus themselves. Using Kim’s trailer contacts they were quickly able to pick up a few customers and start moving product. Mike’s construction and auto/body background, combined with his knack for quality, quickly moved the new Diamond C products into position as a market leader in quality and durability.

Diamond C’s products immediately began to define the brand and, along with quality business practices, promoted the quick growth of the business. By the end of 1989, Diamond C had 60 employees working in Kim and Mike’s pole-barn-stacked backyard.

By 1992, Diamond C had outgrown its pole-barn facilities. When trailers began overflowing into the cow pasture they knew it was time to move. So throughout 1992, a crew consisting of Mike and several trailer builders built the plant that Diamond C still occupies today.

The business continued to grow throughout the ’90s, often referred to as the “glory days of the trailer business,” in which the market was expanding and there were plenty of sales to go around. During this time Diamond C made many advances in its manufacturing processes and refined products to not only continue to lead the industry but to become an industry benchmark.

Then, after enjoying years of “predictability,” the market began to change. With the new millennium came challenges and market conditions that threatened the future of Diamond C. In 2004 it became evident that for Diamond C to continue to prosper as an industry leader in a new age of trailer manufacturing, the business would have to be transformed.

Today, Diamond C is still a family owned and operated company that maintains an aggressive stance in the marketplace. We work passionately each day to fuel the success of not only our customers but our team members, vendors and community alike.