3/16″ Diamond Plate Fenders & More

3/16" Diamond Plate Fenders and More!

Clear-Coated Camo, 8k Axle Package, & Black Wheels

Clear-Coated Camo, 8k Axle Package, and Black Wheels

3-Way Hydraulic Pump & Twin Cam Drop Leg Jack

3-Way Hydraulic Pump & Twin Cam Drop Leg Jack

New 21WD & 24LPD 7GA. Body

7GA Super Duty Body

Introducing our new online warranty program!

Online Warranty Registration Form

Diamond C has taken our warranty registration online, saving trees, postage, and time!  With just a few clicks, and a handful of information, Diamond C trailer owners can now quickly register their trailers and rest at ease knowing that we stand behind our workmanship.

Diamond C Trailers Warranty Registration

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Will you derate one of your trailers?

Will you derate one of your trailers from 9,760 pounds to say 9,000 pounds?

In compliance with NHTSA rules, we cannot de-rate any trailer for which we have published standard ratings. NHTSA believes that de-rating points to regulation avoidance, such as trying to avoid a CDL license requirement, or brake requirements in some states. If you have a specific trailer need or application you can contact a Diamond C rep at 800-827-3512 to figure out what options you might have.